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A shortening of the word "later," with "8" representing the same sound as "ate." Typically used in text or online messages to say "goodbye." A: "OK, I have to get back to work, talk to you tonight." B: "l8r" Can't w8 4 our date, c u l8r!

l8r g8r

A way to shorten the phrase "later, gator" ("see you later, alligator"), with "8" representing the "ate" sound in both words. Typically used in text or online messages. A: "OK, I have to get back to work, talk to you tonight." B: "l8r g8r" Can't w8 4 our date, l8r g8r!
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later, gator

childish Goodbye for now. A shortening of the rhyme "see you later, alligator." Later, gator! I'll see you again next week A: "Bye Daddy, have a nice day at work!" B: "Later gator!"
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mod. good-bye; later. (L + eight + R. Used in electronic mail and computer forum or news group messages. Not pronounced aloud.) Bye, CU L8R.

Later, gator

and L8R G8R
phr. & comp. abb. See you later, alligator. C U L8R G8R.
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See also: G8R, L8R
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With more of us carrying Smart Phones that have proper keyboards and larger screens, it's tempting to communicate a little bit more than "C U L8R".
The most common ones I use are 'CU L8R' for 'see you later' and the % sign for OO.
A poll asked when adults should stop using text-speak, and its no L8R than 36.
69 Hughson Street North Suite 102, Hamilton, ON Canada, L8R 1G5
L8r will be held every Saturday night through to Sunday morning from 2am till late, aiming to put the fun back into after-parties.
But she knows that "Mnger C U L8R" is all she'll ever need."
Nearly all of us will have seen something like 'C U l8r' (see you later), while abbreviations like 'lol' (laugh out loud) have entered the language.
The new influx at Damson Park, though, has included a trio of former pals from Stratford Town and the text messages have been buzzing across the networks quicker than you can key CU l8r.
So if things like CU L8R and 2MORO leave you perplexed, then a new scheme from Age Concern could be just the XperENs you are looking for.
A poll asked when adults shout stop using text-speak, and its no L8R than 36.
Most text abbreviations were phonetically based, such as "wot" for "what", and combination texts, such as "C U L8r".
The system can also recognise text-speak abbreviations, such as "gr8", and "cu l8r".
For example: I could meet you later becomes "I K%d mEt U L8r".
Cusack went to ground making a routine save during the first half of Sunday's Allianz League semifinal win over Tipperary and confirmed Cork's worst fears via Twitter yesterday when he posted: "Complete rupture Achilles.Op l8r today.Thks 2medics, officials & gardai at Semple.
"For example, 'c u l8r' would not be an appropriate way to end a letter to a potential employer."