slang A police officer. A reference to the titular character of the popular 1970s TV crime series Kojak. There's a Kojak who patrols this area, but he's pretty clueless. I came downstairs and saw my wife standing at the door talking to some Kojak.

Kojak with a Kodak

slang A police officer monitoring a speed trap. The term is used in CB radio, referring to the titular police officer of the popular 1970s TV crime series Kojak and Kodak, a company known for its cameras and camera-related products. Primarily heard in US. A: "Breaker, breaker. Kojak with a Kodak spotted at Lincoln bypass, over." B: "10-4. Thanks for the heads up."
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n. a police officer. (From the television character of the same name.) Ask Kojak in for a cup of coffee.
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