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be like Fort Knox

To be inaccessible, usually because the item or place in question is locked or guarded. Fort Knox is a military site in Kentucky where stores of gold are kept. The kids are home by themselves, but don't worry, the house is like Fort Knox with all the security cameras. I can't get into the safe, it's like Fort Knox!
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be like/as safe as Fort ˈKnox

(about a building) be strongly built, with many locks, strong doors, alarms, etc. so that it is very safe and difficult for thieves to enter: This home of yours is like Fort Knox.Financially she’s as safe as Fort Knox. Fort Knox is a military base in Kentucky where most of the US’s store of gold is kept.
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Knox added: "It's this, this, this field of barbed wire that I'm having to crawl through so I can finally get to the side where, OK, we're finally on the same side as the Kercher family.
Judge Penny Moreland told Knox, who pleaded guilty to theft: "Your actions caused a great deal of harm to others.
But a witness who claimed to be able to place Knox and Sollecito at the scene on the night of the murder gave conflicting testimony at an appeal hearing.
Mr Lumumba's lawyer Carlo Pacelli told the appeals court that Knox had a double soul: The clean-faced woman sitting before judges, and the she-devil who loves "wild sex.
Prosecutors claimed in Knox's trial that Guede, Knox and Sollecito killed Miss Kercher in what had begun as a sexual game.
Knox and Sollecito deny murdering Meredith, of Coulsdon, Surrey.
Bishop, 22, was found guilty of murdering Mr Knox, 18, who was stabbed five times outside a club in their home town of Sidcup, London, last May.
Leaving the Island in 1897 for a teaching post in London, Knox began designing for Liberty & Co.
The largely unexplored personal correspondence of Knox also gets considerable attention, Farrow concluding that "many of them are minor literary masterpieces in their own right, and abiding testimony to Knox's skill, patience, shrewdness, compassion and candour" (151).
Knox led the flight-test effort to develop several new aircraft, including the X-31 research aircraft and the Boeing X-32 joint strike fighter.
About to enter its 10th year of large-scale gold production in Interior Alaska, the Fort Knox gold mine continues to churn out about 1,000 ounces of the precious metal each day, a consistent economic engine that helps power Fairbanks, its neighboring community.
The line-up has been the same since the beginning--JD Goodwin on guitar and vocals, Ryan Hum on upright bass, and myself, Tom Knox, on drums.
Lloyd Knox and Constantinos Skordis of the University of California, Davis and Nelson Christensen of Carleton College in Northfield, Minn.
Arkeia by Knox Software, a Southern California-based developer of enterprise network backup software, has joined the Oracle Backup Solutions Program (BSP), a cooperative program designed to facilitate tighter integration between Oracle's backup products and those of third-party media management vendors.
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