Know thyself

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Know thyself.

Prov. Be aware of your own limitations; know what you are capable of doing. (This was the motto inscribed on the temple of Apollo at Delphi.) The motto of the ballet corps was "Know thyself"; every dancer was expected to know how far she could stretch, and not hurt herself by trying to exceed her limits. "Know thyself," the high school guidance counselor admonished us, "and try to find a career that makes the most of your abilities."
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And thou, O most noble and obedient squire that ever bore sword at side, beard on face, or nose to smell with, be not dismayed or grieved to see the flower of knight-errantry carried away thus before thy very eyes; for soon, if it so please the Framer of the universe, thou shalt see thyself exalted to such a height that thou shalt not know thyself, and the promises which thy good master has made thee shall not prove false; and I assure thee, on the authority of the sage Mentironiana, that thy wages shall be paid thee, as thou shalt see in due season.
Best practice in my opinion a Know thyself and don't make a promise that you can't keep.
Finola Finn's Know Thyself consisted of a glowing red heart inside the Count's House, an early 19th century summer house resembling a small temple.
KNOW THYSELF Oakley urges her students to understand that people learn in different ways.
The post Know thyself, know thy audience appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The Delphic imperative to know thyself (gnothi seuton) means discerning what you are, what you are to be, and what you are to do.
If you agree with Churchland, that "My brain and I are inseparable," then to know the brain can be another way to know thyself.
During that time he got a taste of the tournament circuit, but was later to admit: "It was a case of man know thyself.
Even if we accept that to know thyself is to know the governing reference group in a specific situation, Kemper's theory fails to explain how individuals with conflicting reference groups negotiate behavioural patterns.
Stanger's make-overs may seem shallow, but they offer a TV version of Know Thyself.
The PM had words of wisdom to say," read more books to know thyself, the country and the world'.
Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil.
Making Your Education Work for You encourages students to follow the ancient Greek advice to know thyself through a series of introspective exercises involving summer jobs, major accomplishments and innermost dreams.
A slight return to the bad old Falcons aside then, England centre Noon said the Kingston Park collective must continue to know thyself.
To foster 'soul care', we must have conscious awareness of the process of our 'truth' ie know thyself, and be able to listen and to respond.