knock (one's) socks off

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knock (one's) socks off

To thoroughly impress, overwhelm, or excite one. The show of support from everyone just knocked my socks off. That movie really knocked my socks off—I didn't expect it to be so good!
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knock someone's socks off

 and knock the socks off (of) someone
Sl. to surprise someone thoroughly. (Fixed order. Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The exciting news just knocked my socks off! The news knocked the socks off of everyone in the office.
See also: knock, off, sock

knock someone's socks off

If something or someone knocks your socks off, you are extremely impressed by them. This movie will not knock your socks off, but it will not disappoint. The area has scenery that will knock your socks off.
See also: knock, off, sock

knock (or blow) someone's socks off

amaze or impress someone. informal
1991 Barbara Anderson Girls High Years ago she saw a Hockney…the few lines which sketched the owlish face knocked her socks off.
1996 Premiere Ray Liotta strikes perfect notes as Hill while Joe Pesci blows your socks off as sociopathic side-kick Tommy.
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blow/knock somebody’s ˈsocks off

(informal) surprise or impress somebody very much: With that dress and your new haircut you’ll knock their socks off!
See also: blow, knock, off, sock

knock (someone's) socks off

To overwhelm or amaze.
See also: knock, off, sock
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Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service appears in its fifth updated edition to provide real-world examples and fun cartoon embellishments by John Bush.
The action scenes in the 2005 remake of King Kong (12A) will knock your socks off and (below) leading lady Naomi Watts.
* Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service by Ron Zemke with Bobette Hayes Williamson, print, 1999, 248pp., American Management Association (800-262-9699,, $159.
Zemke and Connellan - Minneapolis-based consultants behind the successful Knock Your Socks Off Service series of books -- offer two dozen ideas for differentiating a company's Web site by emphasizing superior service.
"Gursky's photographs just knock your socks off," comments the show's curator, Peter Galassi.
That mere 200% price appreciation may not knock your socks off, but during the same three years the Standard & Poor's 500 Index has risen just 33%.
And that doesn't even begin to tell the story about the rest of the state--ocean beaches that'll knock your socks off, high desert resorts, fishing, camping and hiking (literally on your Columbia Corridor doorstep).
Wonderlist is a new collection of premium escapes from Virgin Holidays offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences in five categories designed to celebrate customers' milestone moments: |Top 5 ways to knock your socks off | |Top 5 ways to blow the kids'inheritance |Top 5 wow-factor weddings |Top 5 dinner party brags |Top 5 'pinch me' moments.
Join Sid from CBeebies live on stage in a fantastic fun-filled adventure that''ll knock your socks off! Ideal for families with children aged three to seven.
When Winfrey announced her show would end, she promised viewers she would use the final season to "knock your socks off".
The producers also promise guest appearances from celebrity voice actors that will "knock your socks off," as well as upcoming announcements on how to audition.
While Alex Harvey has that lithe body, the girls - Charlotte Mooney and Tina Koch, joined by Meline Danielewicz for Every Action - look just like three normal girls who then knock your socks off as they display amazing strength and skills.
This Cheddar will knock your socks off. A treat for cheese lovers and a crumbly texture makes it more mouth-watering.
Some of the visual will knock your socks off. It is a flawed masterpiece and is well worth the effort of seeking out.
Mo-Fi guarantees its new gold discs will "knock your socks off when compared to other versions," presumably meaning when compared to equivalent silver discs.