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King Richard makes his pronouncement to banish Henry Bolingbroke and Thomas Mowbray; King Richard, who was anointed as a child
King Richard III, directed by Allan Byrne, is a history play in which the evil Duke of Gloucester becomes King Richard III through a devious and violent plan.
In a written message in the order of service, the Queen said: "The reinterment of King Richard III is an event of great national and international signifi-cance.
It's a replica of King Richard III's skeletal remains, discovered buried at a Leicester car park in 2012.
A GENETIC discovery related to King Richard III threatens to shake the foundations of the Tudor dynasty and even raises a question mark over the current Queen's royal heritage.
GENETIC research into King Richard III's skeleton has cast doubt over the Tudor line of royal succession - and the king's own right to the throne.
If they can find King Richard under excavations for a car park in Leicester, who knows what we might find while building a road?
Whilst there is much speculation about the fate of the Princes in the Tower - at ages 13 and 10, they were not 'little' - there is no proof that they were murdered nor, if they were, that it was ordered by King Richard.
KING Richard III has been found in a Leicester car park.
TWO new exhibitions bringing to life the story of King Richard III are opening following the monarch's remains being discovered under a council car park.
Washington, September 13 ( ANI ): Historic findings of human remains including a man with apparent battle wounds and curvature of the spine have been revealed by a team of archaeologists who have been leading the search for the lost grave of King Richard III.
Subsequently she auditioned for the fair and was cast as "Princess Valkyerie" in a year that King Richard was looking for a new bride and three princesses were vying for the king's affection during a show on one of the stages that lasted through the season.
RELICS from the tomb of medieval English king Richard II and sketches of his skull and bones have been discovered in boxes in the basement of the National Portrait Gallery.
Summary: British rom-com king Richard Curtis has been making waves with latest offering The Boat that Rocked.