kindred spirit

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a kindred spirit

A person who shares several or many fundamental beliefs, ideas, convictions, sentiments, attitudes, and/or interests with oneself. It didn't take long to figure out that John is a kindred spirit, and we've been the closest of friends ever since we met.
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kindred spirit

Also, kindred soul. An individual with the same beliefs, attitudes or feelings as oneself. For example, Dean and I are kindred spirits when it comes to spending money-we're both tight. [Mid-1800s]
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kindred spirit, a

A soulmate; a person very like oneself in temperament, views, likes, and dislikes. Used since the mid-nineteenth century and sometimes put as kindred soul, the expression appears in one of George Eliot’s letters of 1849: “You won’t find any kindred spirits at Plongeon.”
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Kindred Spirit, Kindred Care: Making Health Decisions On Behalf of Our Animal Companions, by Shannon Fujimoto Nakaya.
11), at last a kindred spirit, every one of his ideas I hold up as common sense.
I guess that when you claim to speak "from the true kindred spirit of friendship and hope", this spirit does not apply to all.
He was back to waiting tables when celebrated US indie folksters Midlake found him, recognised in him a kindred spirit and got him into a nearby studio to create his first solo record, Queen of Denmark.
Vera (8pm) DCI Vera Stanhope finds a kindred spirit in the son of a murdered woman and comes to realise the key to the case is hidden deep in his memory.
Following two self-released projects, she's joined kindred spirit Sufjan Stevens' label.
Carlisle's garrulous manager sees a kindred spirit in the energetic ex-Sunderland chief, who took over from Paul Mariner following the Pilgrims' relegation in the summer, and is tipping him to take League One by storm this term.
And if they just so happen to meet that simpatico cat, that kindred spirit, their counselors will be happy to facilitate the adoption.
The NubluJazz Festival in Istanbul presents legendary 70's trumpeter Eddie Henderson, the most prominent names of Europe jazz, Bugge Wesseltoft & Eric Truffaz/Sly Johnson duo, Nublu's own Ilhan Ersahin's Istanbul Sessions, Love Trio & I Led 3 Lives projects, vocal legend Bobby McFerrin's super-talented son Taylor McFerrin and his kindred spirit from Istanbul, Bora Uzer, nu-jazz innovator Rubin Steiner, UK Chart monster & a 2008 Mercury Nominee Portico Quartet, and Turkish local talents Sarp Maden, Alp Ersonmez & 123.
THE DAY THE SUNSHINE ENDS Thirty years ago I was lost and lonely Drifting aimlessly; life without purpose Then I met you You changed me in so many ways You gave me new hope You brought love into my life My dark emptiness was transformed Sunshine embraced me The void of love began to fill Filling day by day Each day you added a little more Each day I loved you a little more I lived for your voice; for your smile I looked in your eyes; a kindred spirit I saw the real you; the hidden you I saw beyond your protective mask It only made me love you more I hope for many more years together Our separation far in the distance For life without you has no meaning That would surely be The day the sunshine ends David Wyatt, Hipswell Highway, Coventry.
I found a kindred spirit in Jonathan Miller (The Humanist Interview: "A Brief History of Jonathan Miller," July/ August 2007).
Fans of Neil Gaiman's American Gods may find a kindred spirit in this novel.
She was more than merely an author; she was a good friend, a mentor, a kindred spirit and a big source of encouragement for all us folks trying to build small-scale farms and self-reliant living.
As a kindred spirit, her story could have been my story.