kill (oneself) laughing

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kill (oneself) laughing

To laugh hysterically and uncontrollably. The comedian had the whole audience killing themselves laughing. My ribs actually hurt from it! I was surprised by how funny my date was last night. I was killing myself laughing at some of her stories!
See also: kill, laugh

kill yourself laughing

be overcome with laughter.
See also: kill, laugh

ˈkill yourself (ˈlaughing)

(British English, informal) laugh a lot: It was a very funny video. We killed ourselves laughing from beginning to end.He just stood there, killing himself laughing.
See also: kill
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"I was trying to stop the Cup from falling out the black box and I couldn't run for killing myself laughing."
Calderwood said: "I was killing myself laughing when I heard about Craig getting sent off for having a go at the referee at Easter Road.
I have to tell you I was killing myself laughing when I saw the Setanta highlights and watched big Garry O'Connor raging and swearing at the gaffer as he got the hook.
''I was killing myself laughing and jokingly gave Hogg the count of 10 as hewas flat out on the deck.
Nearly three years later, I believe she's still receiving therapy - and I'm still killing myself laughing.