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kids' stuff

1. That which is only suitable for young children, especially from the perspective of an older child or adolescent. She asked the boy if he wanted to color with crayons, but he said he didn't like that sort of kids' stuff. Now that she's 13, she has no interest in kids' stuff like cartoons or make-believe.
2. By extension, something that is very easy to understand, achieve, or use, especially when encountered by one on a more advanced level. The highly anticipated match turned out to be kids' stuff for the returning champions. Do you have anything more difficult? This book is kids' stuff.
3. slang Marijuana (due to it being seen as a "soft" drug). If he's just getting high on kids' stuff, I wouldn't be too worried. At least it's not hard drugs!
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kid's stuff

a very easy task. Climbing that hill is kid's stuff. Driving an automatic car is kid's stuff.
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kids' stuff

something that is childishly simple or naive. informal
1982 Vivien Alcock The Sylvia Game He had grown out of the game; it was kid's stuff. Besides it always landed him in trouble.
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ˈkids’ stuff

(British English) (American English ˈkid stuff) something that is very easy to do or understand: ‘What did you think of the maths exam?’ ‘Kids’ stuff. I’m sure I’ve passed.’
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He wishes Angie would stop buying the kids stuff they don't need.
Two more exciting and innovative fully cooked and frozen products have been added by Snowbird foods to its hugely successful Kids Stuff and ready meals ingredients ranges of products.
Kids Stuff Crazy Soap A FUNTIME bathing range for kids including new Shake & Sparkle Foam Bath (PS2.49, available from Boots) that fills the bath with glittery sparkles, and Colour Changing Bubble Bath (PS2.40, available from Tesco) that''''s orange in the bottle but blue in the water.
KIDS STUFF Crypt of Terror PS19.99 from FROM the Character Building range of popular digital pastime Monsters versus Zombies.
KIDS STUFF PICTURE PAIR See how quickly you can spot the two identical pictures.
Kids stuff: Head to Aquaworld ( at Hersonissos, which is a small but perfectly formed aquarium.
Kids stuff! I'm not a baddie but who matters..knows that!
Fairway Foodservice has updated its website as part of plans to drive its Kids Stuff menu to the fore (
Kids Stuff plastic document wallet (with cord to carry it).
'I love doing kids stuff, probably 'cos I'm such a big kid myself.'
(JAT614) WILLIAM MILLER, CEO of KIDS STUFF INC (KDST), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
The ordinary office mailroom operation for "overnights" looks like kids stuff, however, alongside HP's approach to expediting air shipments.
He spends his days doing as much kids stuff as he can," the insider shared.
KIDS STUFF Charlie Austin and Scott Doe (back centre) line up for Newbury and District with Theo Walcott (front) MADE IT Swindon's Austin
ALL KIDS STUFF: Killie ace Allan Johnston was at Cumnock Academy yesterday to promote the latest Bank of Scotland Midnightleague
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