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tire kicker

1. One who examines or inspects a second-hand car or cars, often without really intending to buy anything. Primarily heard in Australia. This guy isn't a serious buyer, he's just a tire kicker.
2. One who wastes another's time. We need serious candidates for this position, so make sure to eliminate any tire kickers.
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and ass-kicker
n. someone or something capable of defeating or surpassing all others. That idea is a real butt-kicker. He is an ass-kicker, but he at least rewards us for putting up with him.




n. a clever but stinging remark; a sharp criticism; a zinger. I waited for the kicker, and finally it came.
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This is the second consecutive biennium that the personal kicker has been triggered.
Kickers are simply not very consistent with respect to scoring.
To make sure things aren't all about kickers, I now return to the largest theme of my season previews - the diminishing importance of the running back.
Under incomplete information, the expected scoring probabilities for the kickers depend on the case that holds.
WINNING WAYS Joanne Temple from Little Kickers with her son Jack
Whether you are talking about the place kicker or punter, it all starts with the snap.
Barhyte and Abel expect to add new products to the Card Kickers line within the next 12 months.
Legislators in both parties have acknowledged that the kicker is bad public policy.
While the 6-foot-2, 215-pound Calderwood has a strong and accurate leg, he's also not afraid to stick his nose in on special teams and make a tackle, which is uncommon for your typical kicker.
What good is it to build a powerful defense and a powerful offense and be running in kickers and punters with erratic play?
I have helped prepare many kickers, punters, snappers, and holders in the off-season, so I know it makes a difference
The Kickers commitment to building strong community relationships is a perfect fit with our desire to deliver high value services to youth sports organizations.
Nothing is certain yet, but this year's strong economy and tax returns are increasing the likelihood that the kicker law will be triggered.
Sailer, a former Notre Dame High of Sherman Oaks and UCLA star and regarded among the finest kickers in state history, started working with Anger last October.
It became hugely popular - Oregonians voted in 2000 to put the personal and corporate kickers in the state constitution.