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(as) game as Ned Kelly

Very courageous. Ned Kelly was a notorious 19th-century Australian outlaw. Primarily heard in Australia. You have to be as game as Ned Kelly to go into a dangerous place like that!
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as game as Ned Kelly

very brave. Australian
Ned Kelly ( 1855–80 ) was a famous Australian outlaw, the leader of a band of horse and cattle thieves and bank raiders operating in Victoria; he was eventually hanged at Melbourne.
See also: game, Kelly, Ned
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94), five items used by Kelly (2003) assessing general attitudes and interest in the night-sky (_ = .
From where she sits, Kelly says the best business opportunities are on the dealer side.
These are ideas and histories that, as Kelly suggests, allow us to produce powerful remixes of our own.
One example is Lynne Shields, from Birmingham, who worked with Kelly in the seventies and eighties.
The way Kelly and NEC have sorted out the control issue is that the Yank has a direct reporting relationship to Kanasugi and one other NEC executive who sits on Niteo's board along with Kelly.
Luther Sharbono, a fire district chief with the Shreveport Fire Department, described Carolyn Kelly as "definitely a hero," and department chief Kelvin Cochran noted that while such heroism seems more common since last year's September 11th tragedy, "for a senior citizen, someone 81 years old to do it, is absolutely incredible.
Though Kelly and Toni are both excited about the possibility of becoming spokespeople for the GLBT community, it's hard for them to imagine they'll be of lasting interest to audiences around the world.
It helps me make sense of the horrific things that have happened," says Kelly, a 40-year-old nurse practitioner and mother of three who is among the founders of September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, which advocates a nonviolent response to the tragedy that took the lives of their loved ones.
Wieseltier's remark gave fair warning to job candidates -- a number of whom reportedly turned down the prestigious post -- that the magazine's office politics were perhaps more fiercely argued than the politics in its pages) Then in November of last year, and with huzzahs and smiles all round, Kelly was named Sullivan's replacement.
Marjorie Kelly, editor and publisher of Business Ethics--a bimonthly magazine with a circulation of 14,000--incurred the Body Shop's wrath last fall when she published an article entitled, "Shattered Image: Is the Body Shop Too Good to Be True?
Kelly responded to this challenge by developing a "steel strategy" for the company and began working on several new technologies.