been keeping cool

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(I've) been keeping cool.

 and (I've been) keeping cool.
Inf. an answer to a question about what one has been doing during very hot weather. Jane: How do you like this hot weather? Bill: I've been keeping cool. Mary: Been keeping cool? Bob: Yeah. Been keeping cool.
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I'M A BRIT HOT: Youngsters keep cool jumping into the sea in Cornwall; IRAQ AND ROLL: A child takes a jump into the Tigris river in Baghdad; MAKING WAVES: A young couple keeping cool in the pool in Bordeaux; LEAP OF FAITH: Off Brighton pier
Psychologist Dr David Lewis said: "Even professionals capable of keeping cool under the most difficult situations can't control their excitement when a new game of bingo begins.
Top with some mascarpone cream and set aside keeping cool.
Sweat is one of our bodies' best ways of keeping cool.
Fully machine washable and made from 100%, cotton and sporting our exclusive 'NO WORRIES' smiling sun motif, our super T-shirt is just the thing for wearing on holiday or for keeping cool at home during the hot summer months.
For the tuna tartare in a medium bowl combine the tuna oil lemon juice and enough mayonnaise to coat well Season and set aside keeping cool.
Our guests will have the option of being pampered with spa treatments, relaxing with old or new friends, taking low-impact fitness walks, keeping cool with water sports - or doing absolutely nothing," said Powell.