Keep your mouth shut

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keep (one's) mouth shut

To not discuss or mention something. He needs to keep his mouth shut and stop telling our family secrets to everyone in town! A: "It wasn't my fault. Brian said&mdash" B: "Keep your mouth shut, Chad!"
See also: keep, mouth, shut

Keep your mouth shut (about someone or something).

Fig. Do not tell anyone about someone or something. Bob: Are you going to see the doctor? Mary: Yes, but keep your mouth shut about it. Bob: Isn't Tom's uncle in tax trouble? Jane: Yes, but keep your mouth shut about him.
See also: keep, mouth, shut
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Keep your mouth shut in the future or make sure you remember what is going to be done in the Premier League.
They want you to keep your mouth shut, but unless it hits the paper, nothing gets done,'' said Frankel, who had two horses suffer injuries that led to euthanasia.
If you can't stand up for your opinion then you should keep your mouth shut,'' Hill said.
Considering Simon Cowell is thinking about dumping you, mate, perhaps you should keep your mouth shut.
Accept all that's wrong with City Hall, the inefficiencies and the abuses that no one seriously denies and keep your mouth shut - or get out.
Keyshawn, if you keep your mouth shut, I'm thinking this is going to be the week.
Mark has shown the old adage that when you're a fool, or you're thought to be a fool, it's probably better to keep your mouth shut than confirm the suspicions.
They haven't even qualified for Europe, so it really pays to keep your mouth shut when you are on top and let your team do the talking.