Keep trying

Keep (on) trying.

 and Don't quit trying.
Fig. a phrase encouraging continued efforts. Jane: I think I'm doing better in calculus. John: Keep trying! You can get an A. Sue: I really want that promotion, but I keep getting turned down. Bill: Don't quit trying! You'll get it.
See also: keep, trying
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Albion Rovers midfielder Jordan Stewart admits he will keep trying to repeat his Betfred Cup wonder goal against East Kilbride.
He needs to keep trying but sometimes he tries too hard - you start shooting from distances that you shouldn't or make silly runs.
All I can control is my players and what we are trying to do and keep trying to take it forward to give us a better chance of success.
Married dad-of-five Alan also has some advice for job seekers: "Just keep trying. Keep trying, even after a knock-back and don't be afraid to ask for help."
Now, the space agency plans to keep trying, rather than abandon efforts sometime this month, as officials had said in late August.
"I would do the same (leaving early) losing 3-0, taking two hours from here to the centre of Manchester, because is where I live and after matches it takes two hours, so keep trying, keep trying, keep trying.
When she was reminded that efforts of both former PM Vajpayee and present Prime Minister Modi failed to yield results, Mehbooba Mufti said that India needs to keep trying not once or twice but many times.
Dear Coleen MY MUM and my sister are having a huge ongoing argument at the moment and they keep trying to drag me into it.
Even if he has tried to quit it before, encourage him to keep trying - a smoker attempts to quit an average of seven times before quitting for good.
"They have to keep trying and eventually it will be their day, I am an example of that, I have been taking part in raffle draws including the Big Ticket for a long time until I finally won, if I lost hope then I wouldn't have won Dh7 million today."
Couples' tendency to keep trying until a boy is born has led to the birth of as many as 21 million girls who are "notionally...
'I will keep trying to continue my mom's legacy in my own little way,' she added.
If the stream doesn't break apart the first time, keep trying.
"Keep Trying Carrot" is the story of a toy carrot who dreams of visiting the Big Easy as his friend Bear calls it.