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We are going to keep trying all different routes and use all diplomatic means" until the mission's mandate ends on Wednesday, OSCE spokeswoman Cathie Burton says.
We'll keep trying to win every game and put the pressure on Sligo.
Why do we have to keep trying to say to different governments that different cultures don't mix?
We knew we had to go after Scotland to try and beat them and it's vital that we keep trying these things because we won't beat anybody unless we do.
But I swear, I'll keep trying until it works," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.
2 : to give friendly advice or encouragement <I admonished them to keep trying.
WHY do they keep trying to stop new cabs on our roads?
He's left a message telling her nobody must know--but music student Gwen finds it a difficult secret to keep; particularly when snoopy family members and strangers keep trying to uncover the truth.
There aren't many climate naysayers left, but there are still many who will keep trying to obstruct by saying that curbing emissions will destroy jobs and hurt our industrial base.
Her goal for the moment, she said, is to keep trying, "to change and evolve.
Robinson is still helping all of us in the United States, especially those like myself, an elderly Caucasian, to understand the long struggle for racial equality and what we must keep trying to do.
It's tough at the moment, but I'll keep going to tournaments and keep trying
Before that the only option was to look in the siblings and immediate family to see if you had a match or alternatively to just keep trying [to have a baby which matches].