Keep smiling

Keep smiling.

a good-bye phrase encouraging someone to have good spirits. John: Things are really getting tough. Sue: Well, just keep smiling. Things will get better. Bill: What a day! I'm exhausted and depressed. Bob: Not to worry. Keep smiling. Things will calm down.
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Some recipients have attempted to find the poet but with no success but the envelopes PRESENTED ON BLACK CARD WITH SILVER PEN, THIS TIME, THE VERSE READ: Love her for what she is and not for what you want her to be She's absolutely crazy For all the world to see She's got her intuitions That I can't understand She's got us men In the palm of her hand She cares for the children She keeps them from harm The children adore her It's part of her charm There's no denying she's mystifying And i love her so much What would this world become Without a woman's touch Keep your chin up Keep smiling M Jones 2015
Finally Kate, who was a true champion of organ donation, posted: "Got to keep smiling at times like these.
They have hit the studio again and their second track Keep Smiling is due for release on February 16.
London, May 17 ( ANI ): Kelly Brook managed to keep smiling after getting slapped with four parking fines and being "sacked" as a team captain on 'Celebrity Juice', on Wednesday.
The Island of Golden Smiles, keep smiling and making everyone else smile
IT must be in the DNA of Blues fans to keep smiling through adversity.
I think of you every day, love you every day, miss you every day, keep smiling your lovely smile, Granda Glenn is with you now in Heaven.
May I keep smiling As I walk In paler sunlight Through windswept woods Where autumn leaves gather To conceal moss layered roots.
To be fair, Steven probably never saw Sky Sports News on Sunday night when Jim White tried to keep smiling while announcing the result from Ibrox.
But her ability to keep smiling in the toughest of times is truly inspirational.
Summary: Avram Grant maintains he has no option but to keep smiling despite all of Portsmouth's many problems this season.
SUPERMODEL Agyness Deyn manages to keep smiling - after taking a dive on the catwalk.
They said they thought the key to a long and happy life was to keep busy and keep smiling.
I keep smiling because the situation doesn't worry me.