Keep smiling

Keep smiling.

a good-bye phrase encouraging someone to have good spirits. John: Things are really getting tough. Sue: Well, just keep smiling. Things will get better. Bill: What a day! I'm exhausted and depressed. Bob: Not to worry. Keep smiling. Things will calm down.
See also: keep, smile
References in classic literature ?
And we must keep smiling faces and be friendly with him no matter how repulsive it may be."
"Why do you keep smiling to yourself, Phebe?" asked Rose, as they were working together one morning, for Dr.
Shockingly, the old man soon disappeared and flew the away quoting list last words as "Keep smiling my child.
Acheson had instilled in her: 'I'll always keep smiling,'" Nicholl wrote.
Its all about town again - Jo, Jacks, Caz and Loz 010318 Cowan 2.jpg Jo Gallagher's Noise - Jo, John, Roy and Ian 010318 Cowan 9.jpg Brilliant Night - Teresa and Carol 010318 Cowan 25.jpg Good lads out for good ale - Andy, Fieldy, Del, Danny and Rick 010318 Cowan 3.jpg Huddersfield good time - Dave and Mary 010318 Cowan 23.jpg Laughing out loud - Hally, Mally and Jim 010318 Cowan 19.jpg Happy we is Paul and Ozzy 010318 Cowan 15.jpg Family get together - Gez, Joan, Richard and Laura 010318 Cowan 6.jpg Up the round towners - Howard, Gill, Rollena, Sue and Jacki Keep smiling - Gus, Owen.
In the meantime, Amelia continues to 'keep smiling', as her excited family look forward to their first Christmas together.
Principal Syed Shoukath Ali urged the students to keep smiling because a smile can make someone happy.
Sometimes life you can feel it's really heavy but you always have to keep smiling and of course keep loving this game." "I swear to God I will come back stronger than ever.
They appear to be love poems and each include the phrase "keep your chin up, keep smiling".
Idris, however, didn't seem too bothered, posting a photo of himself smiling with the caption: "Always keep smiling! It takes no energy and never hurts!
They have hit the studio again and their second track Keep Smiling is due for release on February 16.
(Happy Birthday Mum, keep smiling. The true rock of our family.) -- Love as always, son Kevin xxx FISHER -- JULIE, April 18th.
And keep smiling. According to the annual World Happiness Report, the UAE is the happiest place in the Gulf.