Keep your mouth shut

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keep (one's) mouth shut

To not discuss or mention something. He needs to keep his mouth shut and stop telling our family secrets to everyone in town! A: "It wasn't my fault. Brian said—" B: "Keep your mouth shut, Chad!"
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Keep your mouth shut (about someone or something).

Fig. Do not tell anyone about someone or something. Bob: Are you going to see the doctor? Mary: Yes, but keep your mouth shut about it. Bob: Isn't Tom's uncle in tax trouble? Jane: Yes, but keep your mouth shut about him.
See also: keep, mouth, shut
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POLICE investigating a suspected cover-up of sex crimes by Sir Cyril Smith have appealed for information after a retired officer claimed he was told "keep your mouth shut" over the politician.
Witness M claimed he was later approached by another man and warned to "keep your mouth shut".
All I would say to firefighters is this: be grateful for what you have and keep your mouth shut and get on with the work.
The majority of those who take the risk--and it is a risk because it's much safer to keep your mouth shut and keep making a living--have something to say.
One landlord who has refused to sign the "goodwill agreement" said: "It's a bribe to keep your mouth shut - there are no two ways about it."
Keep your mouth shut in the future or make sure you remember what is going to be done in the Premier League.
Unless you have been in the situation and had the experience, you should keep your mouth shut."
Considering Simon Cowell is thinking about dumping you, mate, perhaps you should keep your mouth shut.
Nothing wrong with that - but only if you keep your mouth shut.
"They haven't even qualified for Europe, so it really pays to keep your mouth shut when you are on top and let your team do the talking."
TREVOR FRANCIS has told Barry Fry, his predecessor as manager of Birmingham City, to "keep your mouth shut".
"I admitted I had made a mistake but when you are more experienced you keep your mouth shut about things like that.