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ka me, ka thee

proverb Help me, and I'll help you. The phrase is likely Scottish in origin. If you drive me to work today, I'll buy you pizza this weekend. Ka me, ka thee, right?
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An imitation of the sound that an antique cash register would make, often used when discussing financial matters or transactions, especially some form of profit. We've posted some excellent sales numbers this holiday season—ka-ching! A: "Dude, we could sell this stuff for, like, three times as much on the open market." B: "Ka-ching!"
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and Ka-ching!
exclam. the sound of a cash register, said to indicate money or imply a financial motive or success. Just got another big order. Ka-ching! Tell, me what’s important, dude. Ching! Right?


See Ching!
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