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ka me, ka thee

Help me, and I'll help you. The phrase is likely Scottish in origin. If you drive me to work today, I'll buy you pizza this weekend. Ka me, ka thee, right?
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and Ka-ching!
exclam. the sound of a cash register, said to indicate money or imply a financial motive or success. Just got another big order. Ka-ching! Tell, me what’s important, dude. Ching! Right?


See Ching!
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It swung one way and then the other, with Kas and Lisicki turning a 3-0 deficit into a 6-3 lead only to see three more set points go begging.
The following night Kas dressed Sophie in knee-boots and stockings.
Nelaimingas atsitikimas, apie kuri kalbama siame romane, yra prototipas visko, kas traukia demesi, isiverzia, kas prasismelkia, masina, isgasdina, zeidzia, yra apmastoma ir krastutiniu atveju sunaikina mus kaip "mastancias nendres".
Bu calismanin amaci AS'li hastalarda ust ekstremite kas kuvvetlerini degerlendirmek ve kas kuvvetleri ile foksiyonel duzey ve mobilite arasinda iliski olup olmadigini saptamaktir.
Kas Australia's range features a broad range of contemporary duvet covers and co-ordinates, so you can restyle your bedroom.
The implementation of BizTalk Server and BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT comes as KAS Bank transitions its entire operations platform off the mainframe and on to the Microsoft Windows(R) platform, eliminating the need for multiple connectivity applications.
and motorcycle riders will leave the Kas Bar at noon, stopping at Cicero's, Chooch's and Halligan's and returning to the Kas Bar for a cookout, entertainment and raffles.
The additional space has not only paved the way for an increase of about 20 percent of Kas' area rug selection-double arm racks now line one wall, while additional, more standard single racks line another-but has made available an abundance of space for the company's accent rug assortment, a category Kas wanted to really focus on in this location.
It has been developed by German professors Josef Kas and Dr Jochen Guck from the University of Leipzig and uses a laser-operated "optical stretcher" to measure the physical strength of individual cells.
Professor Josef Kas and Dr Jochen Guck, of the University of Leipzig, Germany, presented the system to the Physics 2005 conference in Warwick yesterday.
Meeting arrangements and program planning were completed by the combined efforts of the TAS Local Arrangements Committee, led by Stephen Wright, KAS Program Coordinator Robert Creek, KAS President Ron Rosen, KAS President-elect Jerry Warner, TAS President Martin Stewart, and TAS President-elect Jack Rhoton.