Just a minute!

just a minute

1. A short amount of time. Though the actual amount of time can vary, the phrase usually refers to a few minutes. Your order will be ready in just a minute, sir. I'll need just a minute to change when we get hom, and then we can go right back out.
2. interjection A request for someone to wait a short amount of time. Just a minute! I'll open the door as soon as I get dressed. OK, I just need to print out your receipt. Just a minute, please.
3. interjection Used to indicate one's desire to address something with which one disagrees or is dissatisfied. Now, just a minute! I did nothing wrong, and I won't stand to hear such nasty accusations! A: "So, Bill and Mary, you two will be in the front dealing with customers. Tom, I'll need you to haul the cases from the delivery truck into the warehouse." B: "Hey, just a minute—why do those two get such a cushy job while I get stuck with the heavy lifting?"
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Just a minute (you)!

Stop where you are! (Not very polite.) Just a minute, you! Where are you going with my coat?
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