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a juggling act

A difficult and/or precarious situation in which several things are being attempted or must be maintained at the same time. I think I need to hire an assistant, because keeping track of all these accounts and transactions on my own has become quite a juggling act!
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juggle someone or something around

to alter the position or sequence of someone or something. We will juggle everyone around so that the second round of interviews are in a different order. I think I can juggle my schedule around so I can have lunch with you. Please juggle around my appointments for this afternoon so I can have a late lunch.
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keep balls in the air


juggle balls in the air

If you keep a lot of balls in the air, you deal with many different things at the same time. They had trouble keeping all their balls in the air. In management terms, they were trying to do too much and things were starting to break down. I really am juggling a hundred balls in the air at the same time and it isn't easy. Note: This expression uses the image of juggling, where someone has to keep throwing and catching a number of balls at the same time.
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a ˈbalancing/ˈjuggling act

a process in which somebody tries to please two or more people or groups who want different things: The UN must perform a delicate balancing act between the different sides involved in the conflict.
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WHAT: Live theater combining juggling with vaudeville performances and laser magic; part of the Hult Center's Family Series sponsored by The Register-Guard
The earliest known picture of toss juggling was painted on the walls of an ancient Egyptian tomb built for an unknown prince about 4,000 years ago.
There is, I have discovered, a European Juggling Federation with an Internet Juggling Database, from which budding jugglers and snakeboarders can find a club.
Huw admits that he is obsessed with juggling (he doesn't have a television as he would prefer to practise his pastime in the evenings) and loves teaching other people how to perform the skill, too.
In his classroom, he helps rehabilitating patients experience the physical and mental benefits that juggling and balloon sculpturing can provide.
Ben Black, founder of the Family Care Company, said the research found it was not only employers but also colleagues who failed to understand the pressures of juggling home and family life.
Allen Goldie is a self-employed juggler and circus skills workshop leader, and tells us that in juggling, "if you say you can juggle five things, they'll ask if you can juggle six' if you say you can juggle six, they'll ask if you to do seven".
How many more books, films, television serials or magazine articles will be produced about women 'juggling' - and they're always juggling - the demands of motherhood and careers?
DN9372_3 STEADY HANDS: Homestart youngsters enjoy trying out their juggling skills while, below, Luke Colby, from Splats Circus, shows James Tidman how to spin a plate.
Several acts are inspired by traditional elements of circus performance, including juggling, trapeze artistry and the Icarian games (aka humans beings juggling other humans on their feet).
The tough part is not juggling two careers, but juggling two careers and a family," he says.
What does this juggling game remind you of at camp?
So if you happen to see a girl juggling while balanced on top of a man riding a unicycle, don't be surprised.