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Judas kiss

A traitorous action disguised as a show of affection. The phrase alludes to the Biblical account of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, who kissed Jesus to identify him to the authorities arresting him. Don't try to be my friend now, it's just a Judas kiss! I know you're trying to get more information out of me so you can report it to the headmaster!
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kiss of death

An action, event, or association that causes inevitable ruin or failure. An allusion to Judas Iscariot's betrayal of Jesus Christ, during which Judas kissed Jesus as a way of identifying him to those who would put him to death. The company's connection to the disgraced media mogul will likely prove to be its kiss of death. The president refused to stand by the senator during the crisis—essentially giving him the kiss of death.
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kiss of death

An action or relationship that is ultimately ruinous. For example, Some regard a royal divorce as a kiss of death to the monarchy. This term alludes to the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot, who kissed him as a way of identifying him to the soldiers who came to arrest him (Matthew 26: 47-49). It dates only from about 1940 but was previously called a Judas kiss.
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a Judas kiss

an act of betrayal, especially one disguised as a gesture of friendship.
Judas Iscariot was the disciple who betrayed Jesus to the authorities in return for thirty pieces of silver: ‘And he that betrayed him gave them a sign, saying, Whomsoever I shall kiss, that same is he: hold him fast’ (Matthew 26:48).
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kiss of death

an action or event that causes certain failure for an enterprise.
This expression may refer to the kiss of betrayal given by Judas Iscariot to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:48–9).
1998 Spectator I commend the Commission's recent Green Paper and its efforts to introduce an enlightened, evolutionary discussion—although I hope my saying so will not be the kiss of death.
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kiss of death

n. the direct cause of the end of someone or something. Your attitude was the kiss of death for your employment here.
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Good and evil, trust and betrayal, the rereading of sacred texts, a questioning of where the West went wrong in relation to these texts, the genocide that was not yet called the Holocaust might have all been Borges's "Our Judases Ourselves." Perhaps a further edition of this fine book could take up these questions as well.
Who, then, in that crisis would have been more despised by the Catholics than these Dominican Judases? Dryden thus subtly declares his sympathy with the persecuted Catholics when he targets that particular religious order at that very moment in time.
The big two have even been called backstabbers and Judases, who are only in it for themselves.
They're all moaning about Rangers and Celtic being Judases and the duplicitous nature of their U-turn on SPL TV.
(17.) Among the "black Judases" are William Pickens of the NAACP, Oscar Adams, Congressman Oscar De Priest, W.
Sadly, there will always be Judases, but if it was not for them we would not know about Jesus and how he was knowingly set up in order to destroy sin for all mankind.
The betrayers, the Judases: the soldiers, Lev, Paul, Alex.
And in "Jude" (Judases) family members are thrown into conflict with one another when a guest arrives, forming alliances for and against him in a humorous fashion worthy of Chekhov.
Indeed, some of those named appear to have been accorded this identification solely to distinguish them from homonymous contemporaries; thus, the various Marys, Johns, Judases, Josephs, Simons.
A drama and an epic poem have been invented to retell the New Testament's account of Christ's death in a way that portrays historical Serbian leaders as Christ figures, and the Bosnian Muslims as Judases. This mythologized dehumanization of the Muslims allows them to be regarded as a sub-human species, one that in the Serbian imagination deserves the genocidal "ethnic cleansing" that killed so many in the darkest hours of the Bosnian civil war.(9) As the Bosnian case shows, there is sometimes a fine line between ethnic and ideological forms of religious nationalism.
At the same time, the incident led to an official ban of any explosive whatsoever, including the simple firecrackers tied to papier-mache Judases that Mexicans traditionally burned the day before Easter.
Roughly translated as: "Off-er Judases enough pieces of silver and they will take it."
Jesus knew at the time that the gates of hell would certainly try to destroy the Church and that there would always be Judases within.
This is not only a potent fragment in terms of Kilpatrick's betrayal, but also corresponds to Borges' work on the three Judases.--Not to mention the heavily saturated notion of determinism in this statement.