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no way, José

1. Absolutely not; no chance. A: "Billy, please unload the dishwasher for me." B: "No way, José! It's Janet's turn." A: "Can I have the rest of your cake?" B: "No way, José—I'm still eating!"
2. An expression of surprise in response to a positive occurrence, perhaps one that was thought to be unlikely. A: "Jim got an A on his final exam!" B: "No way, José! That's great news!
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No way, José!

phr. No! (An elaboration of No. José is pronounced with an initial H.) Sorry. No can do. No way, José!
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References in classic literature ?
His name was Jose da Silvestra, and he lived three hundred years ago.
The original rag is at my home in Durban, together with poor Dom Jose's translation, but I have the English rendering in my pocket- book, and a facsimile of the map, if it can be called a map.
"I, Jose da Silvestra, who am now dying of hunger in the little cave here no snow is on the north side of the nipple of the southernmost of the two mountains I have named Sheba's Breasts, write this in the year 1590 with a cleft bone upon a remnant of my raiment, my blood being the ink.
[*] Eu Jose da Silvestra que estou morrendo de fome na pequena cova
" "Asia's Pop Sweetheart" Julie Anne San Jose joined Jose Marie in singing the classic song about child Jesus.
'Congratulations on your wings my PILOT Jose! Mama and I are so proud of you!
But just three years later - and without a first-team appearance to his name - San Jose was gone from Anfield, returning to his home, Athletic Bilbao.
But 12 years and one day since he joined the Reds, San Jose has carved out a very good career for himself back in his homeland.
Leyenda: Jose Ortega Cano y Ana Maria Aldon acompanaron al padre Angel en un concierto solidario.
The club confirmed the news on Twitter: "Everyone at Arsenal is devastated by the shocking news that our former player Jose Antonio Reyes has died in a traffic collision in Spain.
Jose Ramos was a powerful advocate for veterans in our community, in our state, and across the country, said Rep.
En la Biblia se le menciona poco o casi nada, lo cual se explica, pues "la mayor labor de san Jose se lleva a cabo durante la vida oculta del Mesias.
The teachings and works of Jose Marti immensely influenced Fidel Castro.
"We are reminding our kababayan in Malaysia, particularly those without legal immigration status that the amnesty program ends today (August 30)," Jose said.
Jose said his parents told him to get rid of his father's wood collection in the family's warehouse.