Johnny Law

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Johnny Law

slang One or more police officers or the police in general. (Though the term is gendered, it does not necessarily refer to a male officer.) The guy was trying to break into the store in broad daylight, and he was completely unfazed when Johnny Law rolled up to arrest him. The company's CEO was taken away by Johnny Law on charges of embezzlement and money laundering.
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John Law

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John(ny) Law

n. a law officer. John Law showed up with a piece of paper that says you are in trouble.
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PORTSTEWART are a club in the midst of pain and suffering but boss Johnny Law insists they won't languish in the doldrums for long.
Because the university is most closely associated with Johnny Football these days, we've chosen "Johnny Law," by William Elliott Whitmore.
"Just print those up and have them with you in case Johnny Law does come by."
It works a treat, though, with his banjo accompaniment and songs of dark, dread tales and titles like Burn My Body, Dry and Johnny Law.
Johnny Law & the Rebels will be featured at 8 p.m.
And with players like Johnny McIvor, Johnny Law and Gary Taylor at the club today, the club's ambitions are clear for all to see.
Morgan's attempted cross was handled inside the box by defender Johnny Law and Ferguson despatched the resultant spot-kick with no problems.
To combat the popular perception that the police department simply hands badges and guns to anyone wanting to be Johnny Law, federal Public Security Secretary Alejandro Gertz launched the so-called New Police Recruitment Program during his former post as Mexico City Police Chief.
Johnny Law went on a Carousel Cruise courtesy of Airtours, flying from Gatwick to Tenerife, calling at Lanzarote, Morocco, Madeira, La Palma and Gran Canaria.
plotting a path to glory Portstewart management team Paul Cox, Johnny Law and Nigel Campbell
The event also will include concessions, a barbecue, a silent auction and entertainment from Johnny Law and the Rebels and David LaMond as Elvis.
If you can tell me why the Huntington Beach skatepark couldn't have any obstacle higher than 18 inches while the Upland park features a no-flat, 10-foot-deep vert capsule, then you can probably tell me why the kids in California have to hide from cops at their own skateparks while the skaters in Arizona, Colorado and Oregon can do pretty much everything short of run naked while killing dogs in their parks without so much as a glance from Johnny Law.
Ballyclare's Gavin McCrystal and Limavady's Johnny Law were red-carded.
The Seahawks are in that group of sides separated by just a few points so a home win at the weekend would go a long way to pleasing their manager Johnny Law.
Detonators tunes such as "Johnny Law," "Saints," "Iron Youth" and "Denied" may not have been anarchist-approved, but they did express blunt, anti-establishment thoughts.