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slang A condom. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Remember, mate: only a fool doesn't wear a johnny on a one-night stand. In an effort to promote safe sexual practices, the student union began handing our rubber johnnies to everyone passing by.


and JCL
n. someone new to a situation or status. This Johnnie-come-lately doesn’t know what it was like in the old days.
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That's the formula the Ramirez family is following at Johnnie Cakes, which they hope to expand to other locations.
Thinking back on Johnnie reminds me of the importance of books for capturing the lives of those we love in words.
He told Francois Truffaut in 1969 that he had always wanted to end Suspicion by having Johnnie actually poison Lina, as in the Iles novel, with the final twist that she has previously written a letter to her mother incriminating him, a letter which in the final shot Johnnie would drop into a mailbox and then exit, whistling cheerfully (Truffaut 142).
Johnnie To can tell a story crisply, sustain a mood, stage galvanizing displays of violence, and evoke a critical distance on his characters while still endowing them with heroic stature.
But Diageo, owner of the Johnnie Walker brand, is in talks with council chiefs to tidy the Kilmarnock grave and hopes it will become a tourist attraction .
Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy, Johnnie Boy.
Guinness claims that the use of the "Red Label" moniker and similar red and gold packaging are attempts to capitalize on the stature of the Johnnie Walker brand.
Thereafter Johnnie, however, functions as an important counterpoint to the brutal rape Pecola Breedlove experiences because it suggests that fathers bear primary responsibility for incest regardless of whether they induce desire in their daughters.
A pesar de la crisis economica, los venezolanos todavia beben mucho whisky, especialmente los famosos Johnnie Walker Etiqueta Negra, pero Brasil y Paraguay le pisan los talones, segun ejecutivos del sector.
moving Johnnie Walker further up the prestige scale), and t tailor the company's marketing approaches (e.
So because in Japan the more expensive Johnnie Walker Black was introduced first, it is not easy to sell Johnnie Walker Red.
Johnnie Haynes opened the first Johnnies Charcoal Broiler in 1971.
This blend, according to Jon Good, the general manager of Diageo Philippines, is now the rarest Johnnie Walker in the world, with only 50 bottles produced.