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slang A condom. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Remember, mate: only a fool doesn't wear a johnny on a one-night stand. In an effort to promote safe sexual practices, the student union began handing our rubber johnnies to everyone passing by.


and JCL
n. someone new to a situation or status. This Johnnie-come-lately doesn’t know what it was like in the old days.
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If the children wanted anything, Johnnie would work extra to make sure he could get it.
Got til it's Gone is the kind of novel that will make you wish Johnnie Ray Rousseau was a flesh-and-blood person so you could find him and spend an evening in his company--such is author Larry Duplechan's deftness in telling a story.
Tickets are pounds 15 to hear Johnnie give a deeply personal account of what has not always been a charmed life.
That's the formula the Ramirez family is following at Johnnie Cakes, which they hope to expand to other locations.
Johnnie was so much more than the celebrity his legal pursuits and victories portrayed him to be.
Jim Beveridge, master of blending at Diageo, said: "Unlike the other Johnnie Walker whiskies, Green Label is a blended malt, which means that the characteristics of the individual single malts are more distinctive.
Johnnie To can tell a story crisply, sustain a mood, stage galvanizing displays of violence, and evoke a critical distance on his characters while still endowing them with heroic stature.
However, the BBC Radio management is impressed by the way Johnnie has handled this crisis.
There are 10 official Johnnie Walker Ryder Cup men's golf shirts to be won - each in fashionable yellow/black/cream polo design featuring Johnnie Walker and Ryder Cup motifs.
Thereafter Johnnie, however, functions as an important counterpoint to the brutal rape Pecola Breedlove experiences because it suggests that fathers bear primary responsibility for incest regardless of whether they induce desire in their daughters.
Do you expect us to have a Johnnie Walker or a Gordon's on our board too?
MIAMI -- The makers of JOHNNIE WALKER(R) this week launched "Winners Always Stay in Control," an unprecedented campaign on the importance of making responsible decisions about drinking.
Johnnie Blue, 17, travelled more than 200 miles from his Ayrshire home to Harrogate, Yorkshire, to see his favourite author at a literary event.
As part of the JOHNNIE WALKER global responsible drinking programme, Join the Pact, the world's leading Scotch Whisky[sup.