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Joe Schmoe

An average person, especially a man and typically of the working class. Sometimes spelled "Joe Schmo," "Shmoe," and "Shmo." My brother's just your typical guy, a real Joe Schmoe—you can find him watching a sporting event in a bar after work pretty much any night of the week. If we let Joe Shmo decide the policies in our country, we'd still be stuck in the 1800s.
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Joe Schmoe


Joe Six-Pack

People say Joe Schmoe or Joe Six-Pack to refer to an ordinary, average person. The networks are looking for something they can sell to Joe Schmoe who lives in a caravan in Alabama. The most crucial factor will be the attitude of Joe Six-Pack, the ordinary American consumer.
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Joe Schmo

(ˈdʒo ˈʃmo)
n. a jerk. Let’s say Joe Schmo wants a new car. What does he do?
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"If you're trying to increase strength - whether you're Joe Shmoe, a weekend warrior, a gym rat or an athlete - training with high loads is going to result in greater strength adaptations," said Jenkins, an assistant professor of exercise physiology at Oklahoma State University who conducted the research for his dissertation at Nebraska.
"It is definitely not something that Joe Shmoe comes into and can do efficiently on their own."
John Doe may have read franchisee satisfaction surveys about your company, purchased or downloaded your Franchise Disclosure Document, started calling your franchisees and Googled your executive team, all before contacting the franchise and becoming a "lead." Meanwhile, Joe Shmoe may have inquired about your company through a portal or your own site after reading one quick article about your company.
I feel a little bit different from Joe Shmoe in the street, and I guess it makes me feel special.
When they met the ambassador they realized that this wasn't something that Joe Shmoe tourist got to do," said O'Leary.