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rock jock

1. Someone who is very skilled at rock climbing or does so very often. I'd love to try out the rock wall at my gym, but it's always crawling with rock jocks. I'm not enough of a rock jock to tackle a cliff like that.
2. A radio disc jockey specializing in rock music. He had a pretty prominent career as a rock jock, so it was a little weird hearing him spin new-age tunes in a new station.
3. An enthusiastic fan of rock music. My uncle's been a rock jock his whole life, so he's always blasting AC/DC and Metallica whenever I take a ride in his truck.
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1. n. an athlete. (see also strap, jockstrap. Now of either sex.) The jocks are all at practice now.
2. n. an athletic supporter (garment). Somebody dropped a jock in the hall.


n. a mountain or rock climber. The sides of every mountain are covered with rock-jocks.


and VJ and video jock
n. a video jockey; a host on a television program that features music videos. (see also disk jockey.) Sally tried out for the veejay job, but she looked too old and stuffy for that kind of work.

video jock

See veejay
See also: jock, video
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For more information, visit The UPLB Jocks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or contact 0915-624-4712.
On the other hand, jocks were more ego-oriented and defined sport success by comparing their own performance to that of others.
Girls tend to identify more with the populars crowd, and less with the jocks or headbangers, than do boys.
They went on four out and hard as Moral Support tried, he was never going to peg back the two and a half length winner, despite Jocks Cross bursting a blood vessel in the battle.
Crowley, who joined Williams 18 months ago, described Jocks Cross as "unbelievably tough".
Nonetheless, the transfer of power from jocks to program directors sparked some resistance, and in 1959 several DJs formed the National Disc Jockey Association to advance their interests and protect their privileges.
But, as Rice learned, being a gay high school student infatuated with jocks has a definite downside.
It's also jock talk, a catchphrase of high school wrestling, the team sport that has Provenzano's teenage boys watching their weight like fashion models.