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1. n. an athlete. (see also strap, jockstrap. Now of either sex.) The jocks are all at practice now.
2. n. an athletic supporter (garment). Somebody dropped a jock in the hall.


n. a mountain or rock climber. The sides of every mountain are covered with rock-jocks.


and VJ and video jock
n. a video jockey; a host on a television program that features music videos. (see also disk jockey.) Sally tried out for the veejay job, but she looked too old and stuffy for that kind of work.

video jock

See veejay
See also: jock, video
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Besides, the endorsement of stereotypical masculine norms in the study was also found to be stronger among jocks than among athletes.
Students who identified strongly as jocks were likely to support "masculine" attitudes about violence, sex, winning, dominance and risk-taking.
You could not ask for a gamer horse than Jocks Cross," said winning trainer Venetia Williams.
Williams did not believe Jocks Cross could reverse Rehearsal Chase placings with Moral Support, who had beaten her charge by three and a half lengths at Chepstow this month.
But there's a notable difference: In the book the sissy gets the jock.
By the time the group held its first formal convention a year later, however, it was distracted by the first great uproar over payola - that is, record companies bribing jocks to play certain songs.
It's also jock talk, a catchphrase of high school wrestling, the team sport that has Provenzano's teenage boys watching their weight like fashion models.
Cops 'N Jocks is a community policing program designed to bring interaction between high school athletes and law enforcement.
Cadets will pair up with police officers for a series of fictitious scenarios at the old Oxnard High School campus to test the skills they have learned, said Rich Randolph, director and founder of Cops 'n' Jocks.
The film, which opened this week, makes Long just the latest jock to jump to the big screen.
The governing board of the nonprofit Cops 'n' Jocks has started an investigation in which it plans to survey department administrators, officers and staff to gauge their support for the program.
Since then, Sharp and other Ventura County officers have been countering those high school chills with a program called Cops 'n' Jocks, building trust between teen-age athletes and police by bringing them together on a level playing field.
So in 1992, Randolph spearheaded ``Cops and Jocks,'' a program that focuses on bridging the gap between peace officers and high school youths.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Bike Athletic announces the production of its 350 millionth jock strap.
Ex-KHJ Boss Jock Charlie Tuna segues to mornings Monday on adult-standards KLAC-AM (570), replacing Don Imus who moves to KRLA.