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Jim Crow

The systemic discrimination against African Americans that occurred in the southern United States from the end of the American Civil War until the 1960s, in which black people were treated as a lower class of citizens than white people. Back during Jim Crow, a black person couldn't even use the same drinking fountain as a white person! Many are calling this systemic racism the "new Jim Crow."
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excellent. This is a jim-dandy knife. Where'd you get it? Tom: I'll meet you at six, OK? Charlie: That'll be jim-dandy.
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Manufactured in the USA by Vita Specialty Foods, the range of JIM BEAM[R] condiments is imported to the UK by LB Foods.
JIM HARRICK on UCLA: "They did it in a conference tournament.
JIM HARRICK on UCLA coach Ben Howland: "I listen to Ben Howland talk and he always talks about great defense, great rebounding, controlling the tempo, sharing the ball, and a tough minded team.
JIM HARRICK on Gonzaga: "When the Zags get down, they bring Morrison out to the point and let him pass and cut off screens.
JIM HARRICK on Sheldon Williams of Duke playing against Southern: "He looks like a man playing among boys.
JIM HARRICK on Rob Spivery, coach of Southern: "They haven't had a winning season in five years, but Rob Spivery, has coached a long time.