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1. noun, dated slang A white person. A term used primarily by African-American communities in the rural south of the US. Likely derived from "Jefferson Davis," the president of the Confederacy during the US Civil War. I tried applying for a loan, but some jeff at the bank denied my application. I wasn't used to seeing so many jeffs all the time when I went to college.
2. verb, slang To run, then walk, then run, and so on. A technique named after and popularized by Olympic runner Jeff Galloway. I decided to jeff the half-marathon, and I ended up getting a better time than I ever had before. I don't know why people think jeffing a race is any better than running it like normal.

Mutt and Jeff

1. dated slang A nickname given to a pair of people, especially friends or partners, who have distinctly contrasting qualities, especially in height. The name derives from the long-running 1907 US comic strip of the same name. Two detectives arrived at my door, one a towering, lanky beanpole of a man, the other squat and stout, like a bulldog. A regular Mutt and Jeff, they were.
2. dated slang A method of police interrogation in which one of two interrogators behaves in an overtly aggressive and accusatory with a suspect, while the other acts much more supportive and sympathetic. More commonly known as "good cop/bad cop." How do you want to interrogate the suspect? Will we give him a bit of the ol' Mutt and Jeff routine?
3. slang Deaf. The phrase comes from rhyming slang in which "Mutt and Jeff" rhymes with "deaf." Sometimes written as "Mutt 'n' Jeff." Primarily heard in UK. Can you please speak louder? I've gone a bit Mutt and Jeff as I've gotten older. Poor Grandad's quite Mutt 'n' Jeff these days, so he's always got the radio blaring as loud as it'll go.
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mutton Jeff

slang A variant of "Mutt and Jeff," rhyming slang for "deaf." Primarily heard in UK. Can you please speak louder? I've gone a bit mutton Jeff as I've gotten older. Poor Grandad's quite mutton Jeff these days, so he's always got the radio blaring as loud as it'll go.
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1. n. a Caucasian; a white person. (All senses originally black. From Jefferson Davis. Potentially derogatory.) The jeffs are coming around more often. What’s up?
2. n. a boring or square person. Don’t be a jeff, man!
3. tv. to persuade or deceive someone. You’re just jeffing us!
4. in. to gentrify; to take on the ways of whites. Cool it man; stop your jeffing.
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