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slang An exclamation of annoyance or frustration. The spelling "jeesh" is also used. I didn't expect you to get here right on time, but geesh, you're three hours late!


exclam. Good grief! (Shows shock and disgust.) Geesh! I love my work but hate my job!
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AL RAYYAN stayed in course of defending the prestigious HH the Emir Cup by reaching the final after drubbing Al Jeesh 5-0 in second semi-final of the tournament at the Al Sadd Stadium on Tuesday.
Jeesh that had taken everyone by surprise and assumed the reputation of giant-killer by overpowering three Qatar Stars League campaigners in the tournament, conceded one in the first half and four in the second.
An Al Jeesh attack broke down allowing Meshel Mubarak to collect the ball in midfield.
Jeesh had to rely on counterattacks and in the 24th minute it almost grabbed an equaliser but Abdulqader Elyass's effort flashed the right side net of Abdulla al Hajri.
Sloppy defending by Jeesh defenders allowed the Rayyan player to shoot beyond Talal Salim.
He chased a long cross from the midfield and found himself one on one with the Jeesh goalkeeper.
It is the second day since the Jeesh aI-Mahdi (JAM) attacked Sadr City in one of the biggest offensives in years.
"I didn't feel a thing, but Johnno thought, 'Jeesh, he's a tough cookie'."
Achilles has kidnapped all of Ender's jeesh except Bean and is planning to use them to conquer the Earth.
DOHA GIANT killer and Qatar Stars League second division champion Al Jeesh will take on defending champion Al Rayyan at Al Sadd stadium on Tuesday for a place in final of HH the Emir Cup, Qatar's most prestigious and popular soccer tournament.
Jeesh has impressed to this stage of the competition with victories over Al Ahli, Al Arabi and Kharaitiyat.
A hat-trick from Abdulqader Elyass ensured Jeesh survived a scare from Kharaitiyat and win the second round match 3-2.
Jose Lazaro Robles, head coach of Jeesh, insisted that his players were determined to go beyond the semifinal stage and eventually win the Emir Cup.
Zuahir Blunees, captain of Jeesh said, "Rayyan is a good team.
As the coach had earlier said, we are positive of achieving a good result." Abdulhafeez Abdulsallam, Jeesh's striker, said, "We have a good coach and we owe a lot to him for taking us this far.