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slang Vagina. The term was popularized after being used on a 2006 episode of the TV show Grey's Anatomy, whose writers chose it due to censors' objection to multiple instances of the word "vagina." I'd really rather not have to talk about my vajayjay in front of your parents, so let's not bring up the birthing class.


and jay
n. a marijuana cigarette; marijuana. (Drugs. From the initial letter of joint.) A jay will cost you two clams.


See J

Peter Jay

n. a nickname for a police officer. You walk straight, or Peter Jay is going to bust you.
See also: jay, peter


n. dope; junk. (Underworld. Pig Latin for junk.) The creep deals in unk-jay, you know—narcotics. Stay away from the unk-jay.
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When put together, these ideas suggest that Jay witnessed and participated in the creation of an ideal of religious liberty for America during the founding era.
In addition to a young pitcher, the Angels might be willing to part with another free-agent-to-be, Adam Kennedy, in a package for a hitter, but the Blue Jays are likely to prefer Howie Kendrick.
In the latest series of tests, Clayton and her colleagues provided a jay with some waxworms, a desirable treat, and offered two trays for hiding.
A complex and fascinating interdependent relationship exists between the pine and the bird (including both the gregarious pinon jay and the more solitary scrub jay).
If you observe jays even briefly, you can't help but notice how clever they are.
JAYS is in partnership with Indian distributor Ferrari Video and its retail brand Headphone Zone.
In the next part of the experiment, all the jays tended to go for the wax worms first when they were permitted to rummage for treats soon after burying them.
Most common in the West are Steller's jay (bright blue with a black head and crest) and scrub jay (blue with whitish breast and throat).
Since the first pitch on that snowy day in April 1977, the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club has created a rich heritage, highlighted by back-to-back World Series victories in 1992 and 1993.
For the Blue Jays, beating the Angels has become a habit, Wednesday night's 4-1 win in front of 43,026 at Angel Stadium the latest installment.
When jays cached food as an onlooker jay lurked nearby, the birds with a thieving past were more likely than more innocent counterparts to retrieve the food again and hide it in a new place when the onlooker had left.
Blue Jays starter Josh Towers gave up one run in 6 2/3 innings, got remarkable defense behind him and 11 hits from the Toronto offense in the season series finale between the teams.
Are the scrub jays doing an avian version of the same thing?
After Brendan Donnelly (two innings), Esteban Yan (three innings) and Joel Peralta (three innings) shut down the Blue Jays heading to the 18th, Scioscia brought in Scot Shields, whom Scioscia had planned to rest.
Blue Jays relievers Juan Acevedo and Jason Kershner combined to finish it off, allowing only a ninth-inning home run by Adam Kennedy.