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slang Vagina. The term was popularized after being used on a 2006 episode of the TV show Grey's Anatomy, whose writers chose it due to censors' objection to multiple instances of the word "vagina." I'd really rather not have to talk about my vajayjay in front of your parents, so let's not bring up the birthing class.


and jay
n. a marijuana cigarette; marijuana. (Drugs. From the initial letter of joint.) A jay will cost you two clams.


See J

Peter Jay

n. a nickname for a police officer. You walk straight, or Peter Jay is going to bust you.
See also: jay, peter


n. dope; junk. (Underworld. Pig Latin for junk.) The creep deals in unk-jay, you know—narcotics. Stay away from the unk-jay.
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For example, Blue Jays (Cyanocitta cristata), close relatives of Steller's Jays, were observed tearing paper and using it to rake in food from outside their cages (Jones and Kamil 1973).
The Blue Jays would prefer a proven starter over a young guy like Moseley or Saunders, but trade options have been limited.
Some other jays and crows might be as mentally agile as the scrub jays, speculates Smulders.
In addition to containing zero trans fats and zero milligrams of sodium, 'Unsalted' Sweet Baby Jays have only five grams of carbohydrates, 90 calories and offer 90 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin A per serving," said Ann Gallagher, a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant.
With their probe-like bill, the jays plant the pinon seeds in the soft ground under the canopy of other trees, to be stored for later consumption.
The two jays that frequent Western gardens are the scrub jay and the Steller's jay (see box on page 196).
Like in Sunday's game, the Blue Jays didn't get their first hit until the fifth inning.
To test for time traveling into the past, Clayton and her colleagues had Western scrub jays cache mouth-watering wax worms and ho-hum nuts in trays of sand (SN: 9/12/98, p.
After more than a decade, Jays Foods is making a comeback to broadcast media advertising.
Write to Living with Jays, Garden Department, Sunset Magazine, 80 Willow Rd.
BLUE JAYS 20TH ANNIVERSARY TRIVIA is the first Team-driven programme in NTN Canada's 10 year history of interactive broadcasting.
Blue Jays starter Josh Towers gave up one run in 6 2/3 innings, received remarkable defense behind him and 11 hits from the Toronto offense to complete the season series between the two teams.
The test suggests that the jays may do fancier mental acrobatics than have previously been demonstrated for birds, says Emery.
For the Blue Jays, beating the Angels has become a habit, with Wednesday night's 4-1 win in front of 43,026 at Angel Stadium the latest installment.