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average Jane

An average, unexceptional, or ordinary girl or woman. Derived from the more common phrase "average Joe," which generally refers to a boy or man. What sets me apart from your average Jane, though, is my tenacity and ferocity in business. I'm as much a fan of the show as the average Jane, but I don't watch it religiously.
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Jane Roe

The name given to a female whose real name is not known or cannot be revealed, as in legal proceedings. Have they reached a decision in the Jane Roe case yet?
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plain Jane

A female who is not considered physically attractive by societal standards. Betty always felt like she was a plain Jane, so she was very surprised when the most handsome boy in school asked her to be his prom date.
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Jane Doe

A woman whose identity is unknown or being protected, as in legal proceedings. The victim is a Jane Doe—the paramedics didn't find any identification on her. The case was brought by a Jane Doe, so we don't know the true identity of the woman suing us.
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John Doe

A man whose identity is unknown or being protected, as in legal proceedings. The victim is a John Doe—the paramedics didn't find any identification on him. The case was brought with a John Doe, so we don't know the true identity of the man suing us.
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John Doe

1. Also, John Q. Public; Joe Blow; Joe Doakes; Joe Zilch. An average undistinguished man; also, the average citizen. For example, This television show is just right for a John Doe, or It's up to John Q. Public to go to the polls and vote. Originally used from the 13th century on legal documents as an alias to protect a witness, John Doe acquired the sense of "ordinary person" in the 1800s. The variants date from the 1900s. Also see Joe six-pack.
2. Also, Jane Doe. An unknown individual, as in The police found a John Doe lying on the street last night, or The judge issued a warrant for the arrest of the perpetrators, Jane Doe no. 1 and Jane Doe no. 2 . [Second half of 1900s]
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plain Jane

an unattractive girl or woman.
2002 Guardian [The film] assembles its stereotypes (the sexy exchange student, the plain Jane who's really a fox, the jock who is only dating her for a bet) then proceeds to gunk them all with a ton of scatalogical prankery.
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a plain ˈJane

(disapproving) a girl or woman who is not very pretty or attractive: She was a shy girl, who always thought of herself as a plain Jane.
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1. n. marijuana. (Drugs.) Wilmer has jane coming out of his ears.
2. n. a women’s restroom; the ruth. (As a counter to john.) The jane is upstairs.

John Doe

and Jane Doe (ˈdʒɑn ˈdo)
n. a name used for a person whose real name is unknown. The tag on the corpse said Jane Doe, since no one had identified her. John Doe was the name at the bottom of the check.
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Jane Doe

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Mary Jane

1. and Mary J. and Maryjane n. marijuana. (see also jane.) I can’t live another day without Mary Jane!
2. n. a plain-looking girl. She’s just a Mary Jane and will never be a glamour girl.
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References in classic literature ?
I hope it's all right," said Jane, looking suspiciously at Agatha.
And, while Jane was murmuring at her churlishness, she wrote in a bold hand:
When breakfast was over they were joined by the sisters; and Elizabeth began to like them herself, when she saw how much affection and solicitude they showed for Jane.
Miss Bingley offered her the carriage, and she only wanted a little pressing to accept it, when Jane testified such concern in parting with her, that Miss Bingley was obliged to convert the offer of the chaise to an invitation to remain at Netherfield for the present.
I love Miss Jane Tuxton, and you seen for yourselves what transpires.
Jane and me wants this room to have a private talk in.
A feeling of dreamy peacefulness stole over Jane as she sank down upon the grass where Tarzan had placed her, and as she looked up at his great figure towering above her, there was added a strange sense of perfect security.
No, it wasn't," Jane said gravely, "it was like this"; and she did it ever so much better than her mother.
He has acknowledged his guilt by his flight, Jane," he said.
Though Jane Clayton doubted the cook's ability to be of any material service to her, she was nevertheless deeply grateful to him for what he already had done.
The Englishman argued that once Jane was there, and home ties had been broken, she would not so dread the step which she had so long hesitated to take.
No, she, Anne Shirley, was lying there, wide awake, in her own bed, and Jane Andrews was beside her, calmly proposing for her brother Billy.
The voluble Lady Jane interrupted him before he could open his lips.
I never could get Jane to read three pages of the malt pamphlet.
I discovered in one of my friend's precious publications--the Life, Letters, and Labours of Miss Jane Ann Stamper, forty-fourth edition--passages which bore with a marvellous appropriateness on Rachel's present position.