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I am sorry to tell you the fairy Jack encountered was a naughty fairy, not the nice and gentle variety that shows up in certain other tales.
Their international success - number one in thirty-one countries - was recently emphasized by a picture of head-Spice Geri at the Brit Awards in red platforms, black undies, and a Union Jack minidress.
We often had to walk customers through parts configuration to make sure they had the right screw jack with the right specifications for their designs," said Bruce Hamper, Power Jacks product and marketing director.
Nasdaq:SGTL), a leading provider of AC'97 audio codecs to the PC market, announces two AC'97 audio codecs for the PC and portable segment that include Jack Sense and Universal Jacks(tm) technology.
Using 3Com Network Jacks, we quadrupled our network connections using existing cable runs and gave our engineers the connectivity they needed.
D-Major, C-Major and Universal Jacks are trademarks and SigmaTel is a registered trademark of SigmaTel, Inc.
Using its 3Com NJ200 Network Jacks to accommodate voice and data communications, UUH, which has nine community and more than 20 remote clinics, is gaining immediate returns in the efficiency of its services.
Universal Jacks, developed based on Intel audio initiatives and feedback from both Microsoft and tier one PC makers, provides auto-detection and configuration of audio jacks.
IT staff effortlessly attached the Network Jacks to preexisting network wall outlets using a simple screwdriver.
Jacks are located prominently on all three levels of the ballpark: the Club level, Field level, and Promenade.
3Com Corporation (Nasdaq: COMS) today announced that the University of California, Irvine (UCI) extends its networking capabilities by simply installing 3Com's Network Jack NJ100 solutions into ordinary wall outlets in its classrooms, computer labs, existing buildings, and new construction buildings.
Phonex is pleased to have iCS as a primary distributor of the Secure Wireless Modem Jack," said Randy Mansfield, vice president of marketing and sales at Phonex.
The Wireless Modem Jack, which has been selling well through Phonex since its introduction one year ago, is the only product which makes access to the World Wide Web possible from any electrical outlet in the home or office.
This edition of YOU DON'T KNOW JACK will turn any PlayStation into a party with more than 1,400 hilarious questions, multi-player action, and features specifically for the PlayStation.
Phonex is also the manufacturer of the original Wireless Phone Jack technology, wireless Web jacks, international 220 volt wireless phone jacks, and wireless speakers using its patented wireless technology.