J. Edgar Hoover

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J. Edgar (Hoover)

(ˈdʒe ˈɛdgɚ (ˈhuvɚ))
n. the police; federal officers. (Underworld.) Max got out of town when he heard that the J. Edgars were on his tail.
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In this respect, as in several others, the biography by Theoharis and Cox is quite different from Secrecy and Power: The Life of J.
Pic contends that, from the time the 29-year-old Hoover took the reins of the nation's intelligence agency in 1924, he selflessly devoted himself to fighting crime, and, despite attempts by presidents of all persuasions to use the FBI for political purposes, he remained above the fray -- indeed, that what the world needs now is an other J.
Still, Red Hunting in the Promised Land is well worth reading, if only for its keenly etched portraits of such redhunters as Father Coughlin, J.
One of the documents he was asked to explain was the Huston Plan, a master spy plan from 1970 bearing his signature and those of three other intelligence chiefs, including J.
He wasn't talking about pesky American historians using the Freedom of Information Act to ferret out new horror stories about J.
On the advice of his father, who told him that if hewanted to avoid a political fight he might as well make a virtue of it, President-elect John Kennedy's first two appointments were Allen Dulles as Director of Central Intelligence, and J.
Kennedy had a rotten time, and Thomas conjectures that J.
In the new evidence uncovered by congressional committees, or discovered in long-secret records belatedly released by the government or presidential libraries, there is plenty of shocking and confusing material to draw on and questions to ask: CIA assassination plots, dalliance with organized crime, obsession with Castro, fear of J.
Trying to head off the investigation, Gallagher went to see Representative John Rooney, the Brooklyn Democrat who was well known in Washington for his close relationship with J.