It's been

It's been.

Inf. a phrase said on leaving a party or other gathering. (A shortening of It's been lovely or some similar expression.) Mary: Well, it's been. We really have to go, though. Andy: So glad you could come over. Bye. Fred: Bye, you guys. See you. Sally: It's been. Really it has. Toodle-oo.
See also: been
References in classic literature ?
Here, take some ale, my boy: it's been drawn for you--it's been drawn for you.
Well, it's been a doubling so many years, you see," the tailor replied, a little gruffly, "and I think I'd like the money now.
It's been so good for me since I moved out to the US.
Although born and raised in Los Angeles, it's been a long round trip back home for Elder.
HH: It's been a factor in everybody's painting throughout this century, but it's different in different countries.
Because since I don't get the parts that everybody can get, it's been such a wonderful blessing because it has made me push myself to learn how to produce, to learn how to find interesting stories, to learn how to direct.
It's been hard making friends, but the ones I do have are gems.
It's been a very long and arduous journey, but I have come to such a profound place of acceptance that I actually live in a state of gratitude for being gay.
It's been more than rejuvenating--it's almost as if I'm born again.
It's been over a year since your Advocate coming-out interview.
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