(something) is all (one) needs

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(something) is all (one) needs

Said ironically to indicate that something is not wanted or needed at all. Great, more interns to train—that's all I need! We're already struggling to keep up with everything our kids are doing, so a house full of relatives is all we need right now. A computer that doesn't work, perfect, that's all I need today!
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That's all someone needs.

 and It's all someone needs.; (It's) just what you need.; That's just what you need.
Someone does not need that at all.; That's the last straw! (Always sarcastic. The someone can be a person's name or a pronoun.) Jane: The dog died and the basement is just starting to flood. Fred: That's all we need. Sally: Bill, the check you wrote to the Internal Revenue Service was returned. There's no more money in the bank. Bill: That's all we need. Bob: On top of having too many bills to pay, now I have car trouble! Mary: That's just what you need!
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that’s ˈall I need

(informal) used when something bad happens in a situation which is already bad: The car’s broken down? That’s all I need!
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