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on an irregular basis

Not very often and/or in an inconsistent, irregular manner. The general manager drops into the restaurant on a pretty irregular basis, so the members of staff tend to be pretty laid back here.
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keep (some kind of) hours

1. To maintain a particular pattern or schedule of being awake and asleep. Because of the huge time difference, Sam has kept really strange hours since coming back from Japan. It's important that the kids start keeping regular hours when they are young, since having unpredictable bedtimes can cause a lot of problems with sleep.
2. To maintain particular business hours. The local doctor has always kept rather irregular hours. Sometimes it just comes down to luck whether he'll be there at all on a given day.
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Astronomers believe IC 3583 is a Type II irregular galaxy - one that was created as a result of a gravitational interaction with another nearby galaxy.
It's still unclear whether these flirtations are the cause of IC 3583's irregular appearance - but whatever the cause, the galaxy makes for a strikingly delicate sight in this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image, glimmering in the blackness of space.
Early in Unlawful Combatants the author reminds us, "Under the law of armed conflict, irregular fighters such as insurgents, guerrillas, and rebels are largely excluded from the privileges and protections of prisoner-of-war (POW) status.
I am impressed with the myriad examples of irregular fighters Scheipers identifies through her wide-ranging research, the careful distinctions she makes among them, and the frequently problematic interpretations of those combatants she teases out of the writings of generals, politicians, and lawyers.
Book three, The Darkness Dwellers, finds Kiki and the Irregulars uncovering an international smuggling operation.
Instead, Spanish offers a much less clear-cut distinction between regular and irregular verbs than English, which at the end should not be promoting the existence of two different mechanisms, one for regular and another one for irregulars.
From the connectionist model approach initiated by Rumelhart and McClelland (1986) followed by a critique by Pinker and Prince (1988), many articles have been published to account for regular and irregular verbs in English primarily.
In addressing this question, Carens draws to some considerable extent on existing legal practice, although he emphasizes that he is interested in discovering what the law ought to say rather than what it does say--specifically, what rights irregular migrants ought to enjoy in liberal democratic states.
The conditions of small wars are so diversified, the enemy's mode of fighting is often so peculiar, and the theatres of operations present such singular features, that irregular warfare must generally be carried out on a method totally different from the stereotyped system [for regular war].
It thus appears that there may be a developmental trend to exclude irregulars as native English speakers get older.
Finding irregulars isn't just a matter of scouring the sky with a sensitive detector.
In addition, by inspecting the verbs included in the list of most frequent forms used by children with SLI and the MLU controls, it is apparent that phonological effects are also a factor, given that over 80% of verb types in both groups is represented by irregulars.
Likewise, the irregular moons of Jupiter and Uranus move opposite to the direction of rotation of their planets and their other moons.
Pinker, who theorizes that innate grammatical capacities guide the learning of regular past tenses, whereas irregulars must be memorized, criticized this early connectionist foray as artificial and misleading.