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get (one's) Irish up

To become or cause to become angry, hostile, defensive, or irritable. John got his Irish up when his parents brought up the subject of college. Election season always gets my dad's Irish up.
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Irish hint

A straightforward statement. I'm positive I'm getting the promotion—the boss gave me an Irish hint to that effect!
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the luck of the Irish

Extremely good luck or fortune. I can't believe I won the lottery and a radio contest in the same week—I must have the luck of the Irish!
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get someone's dander up

 and get someone's back up; get someone's hackles up; get someone's Irish up; put someone's back up
Fig. to make someone get angry. (Fixed order.) Now, don't get your dander up. Calm down. I insulted him and really got his hackles up. Bob had his Irish up all day yesterday. I don't know what was wrong. Now, now, don't get your back up. I didn't mean any harm.
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luck of the Irish

luck associated with the Irish people. (Also said as a catch phrase for any kind of luck.) Bill: How did you manage to do it, Jeff. Jeff: It's the luck of the Irish, I guess.
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luck of the devil

Also, luck of the Irish. Extraordinarily good fortune, as in You've the luck of the devil-that ball landed just on the line, or Winning the lottery-that's the luck of the Irish. These superstitious attributions of good fortune date from the first half of the 1900s.
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the luck of the Irish

very good luck.
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In response, many believe, to the fervent prayers of Father Dennis, the enemy not only elected to fight in the open, but made a beautiful fight, as many weeping Irish mothers knew later.
Scotch regiments can endure for half a day and abate no whit of their zeal at the end; English regiments sometimes sulk under punishment, while the Irish, like the French, are apt to run forward by ones and twos, which is just as bad as running back.
They should have sung it in the face of England, not of the Afghans, whom it impressed as much as did the wild Irish yell.
Probably it was part of the original furniture, an heirloom in this magnificent palace of the Irish kings.
So you are the type of English truth, as I am of Irish tragedy--you who come to kill me, wading through the blood of your brethren.
You are indeed a type of the Irish tragedy," he said.
And he told the story of the Irish adventure of his youth, because it recorded the first occasion on which he had ever come in contact with crime, or discovered how darkly and how terribly crime can be entangled with law.
com)-- Coinciding with this weekend's launch of their online store for rare and historic Irish whiskey, Irish Spirit have announced an exclusive release of historic DWD Irish whiskey "Heritage Edition" to US and international markets, where the brand thrived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Irish Distillers, an affiliate of Pernod Ricard, has entered into exclusive negotiations with Sazerac regarding the sale of the Paddy Irish Whiskey brand, the 4th largest Irish whiskey brand in the world.
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