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*inkling (of something)

a hint about something that is to happen. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) The speeches gave us an inkling of what we could expect from the new president.
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When Charles left Ducie Street he had caught the first train home, but had no inkling of the newest development until late at night.
Some inkling of what had happened got to the servants and they quitted the Tichlorne service in a body.
Sedley's maxim not to talk about money matters before women, they had no inkling of the misfortunes that were in store for them until the unhappy old gentleman was forced to make gradual confessions.
Billy queried, striving to get some inkling of the identity of the physical prodigy.
All this, the blind man accurately marked; and as if his curiosity were strongly awakened, and he had already some inkling of his mystery, he sat watching him, if the expression may be used, and listening, until it was broad day.
Now he is setting up for being advanced, not that he has an inkling of anything, but, of course, I encourage him.
The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings.
YOUNGER members enjoying watching the Olympics might also enjoy a book with a games theme - The Inklings, by Angela Ashton and Sue Byron.
That's the major lesson I learned from reading Diana Glyer's excellent book, now the definitive treatment of the Inklings.
Lewis were the Inklings when they gathered to discuss themes and read the latest sections from works that would in some cases become world famous.
The Inklings met for many years to discuss the members' writings, among other things, and included many prominent writers of the time.
Tolkien frequently revised his work after having it critiqued by his friends, the Inklings, whose members included Lewis, writing as many as 13 versions of the same chapter.
Take, for instance, the chapter on "The Inklings," the group of literary friends who gathered weekly at Lewis's rooms at Magdalen College to critique each other's writings and discuss life and the issues of the day.
In the 1970s and 1980s, scientists got their first inklings of such regeneration in vertebrates when they observed that sharks grow hair cells throughout life and that birds can regrow the sensory cells.
We expect to see the first inklings of the commoditization (and even eventual securitization) of catastrophic risk coverage.