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do (oneself or someone) an injustice

To do something that hinders or is detrimental to one. You're doing your kids an injustice by catering to their every whim—they need to learn to be independent.
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do yourself/somebody an inˈjustice

judge yourself/somebody unfairly: We may have been doing him an injustice. This work is good.
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Chief Minister said unfortunate was this nation as they constantly voted to people who in return committed injustices against their voters.
In her 2007 monograph, Miranda Fricker bases her conception of epistemic injustice on cases of race, class, and gender discrimination.
Of the little research available, the majority has been in the form of cross-sectional field studies in which similar samples have been used, and to the best of our knowledge, no combined study has yet been conducted to examine the relationship between organizational remedy and workplace aggression triggered by the two different types of interactional injustice.
I'll concentrate my discussion on two of them: methodology in applied and political philosophy (with a discussion of exploitation as a key illustrative case); and the nature of social injustice.
For each form of epistemic injustice I offer a definition, an example, and the level of change required to address the injustice.
But in a lengthy claim on their official website they said: "The club believes there has been a huge injustice carried out on the field in the first place in relation to our exit in the Cup.
When a bright light shines on injustice, good people cannot help but respond.
1) We should conceive of our individual donations and of possible institutionalized initiatives to eradicate poverty not as helping the poor but "as protecting them from the effects of global rules whose injustice benefits us and is our responsibility" (p.
If we consider the tragic scenario of violent fratricidal conflicts in different parts of the world, and the untold sufferings and injustices to which they have given rise, the only truly constructive choice is, as Saint Paul proposes, to flee what is evil and hold fast to what is good (cf.
I hope to bring the heterosexuals more on board and have them be as irritated by the injustices committed against us as I am about the injustices committed against them.
Elliott's lucid and mesmerizing, account of her quest is very informative about Israeli barbarism and the injustices it perpetrates daily against ordinary Palestinians.
The number of black and Latino children in state custody--those in foster care combined with those in juvenile detention, prisons, and other state institutions--is a national disgrace that reflects systemic injustices and that calls for radical reform.
For those who remember--and refuse to forget--the racially charged "Scottsboro Nine" incident, 1931 was a year marked by one of the most egregious injustices ever perpetrated against African Americans.