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with advance notice

 and on advance notice
with some kind of notification or indication that something is going to happen or is expected before it actually happens. We are happy to provide special meals for anyone with advance notice.
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You couldn't (do that)!

 and You wouldn't (do that)!
an indication of disbelief that someone might do something. Bill: I'm going to run away from home! Jane: You couldn't! Bill: I get so mad at my brother, I could just strangle him. Tom: You couldn't do that!
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The same profile can be defined for this type of indication at frequencies 25, 200 and 700 kHz and also for all other types of indications.
This has proven more effective than scanning for indications of defects because the effect depends on a defect's size relative to the cross-sectional area.
Not only do the results support proceeding with COPD wasting as an indication but these data are promising with respect to other indications associated with chronic wasting such as congestive heart failure or chronic renal failure.
A disputes settlement panel has been formed at the World Trade Organization (WTO) to arbitrate over claims from the USA and Australia that European Union (EU) regulations on the protection of trademarks and geographical indications for foodstuffs break world trade rules.
Others noted that ADAPs (the AIDS Drug Assistance Programs, run separately by each state) are unlikely to micromanage patients, so they will not deny reimbursement if a physician uses the drug outside of the indications formally approved by the FDA.
Strauss' team first devised a list of possible indications for hospitalization among adolescents suffering from substance abuse, conduct disorder or both.
As a result of the survey, we have a better picture of the indications for low-osmolar contrast agents being used in clinical practice throughout the United States.
Indications to be developed include idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), tuberculosis, systemic fungal infections, chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) and osteopetrosis, as well as additional indications to be agreed upon later.