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with advance notice

Following or having a notification, signal, or sign that something is going to happen or is expected to happen in the near future. If you provide us with advance notice, we'll be able to arrange for a car to meet you at the airport. Mary's brother and his wife and kids just showed up at our door with no advance notice, expecting us to host them for a week and a half. I could have planned a much better dinner with a bit of advance notice, you know!
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You couldn't!

An exclamation of shock, horror, or incredulity regarding something that someone has threatened or said that they intend to do. A: "I'm sorry, Bill, but we're going to have to repossess the house." B: "No, you couldn't! My family has been in this house for six generations!" A: "Either withdraw from the election, or I'll share these incriminating photos with the press—and your wife!" B: "You couldn't!" A: "Oh, believe me, I could."
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with advance notice

 and on advance notice
with some kind of notification or indication that something is going to happen or is expected before it actually happens. We are happy to provide special meals for anyone with advance notice.
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You couldn't (do that)!

 and You wouldn't (do that)!
an indication of disbelief that someone might do something. Bill: I'm going to run away from home! Jane: You couldn't! Bill: I get so mad at my brother, I could just strangle him. Tom: You couldn't do that!
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As a result of the above, patents protecting new indications may prove to be less effective than intended.
16 September 2010 - Danish biotech company Genmab A/S (CPH: GEN) and its UK partner GlaxoSmithKline (LON: GSK), or GSK, said today they will shift the focus in the development programme of their joint project ofatumumab in autoimmune indications.
The European Parliament has expressed its support for maintaining the current system of geographical indications, in particular the protected designation of origin (PDO), for agricultural products entirely produced within a given geographical area, and the protected geographical indication (PGI), for products closely linked to a geographical area, where at least one stage of production takes place.
Summary: Indications of the existence of gold, oil and gas fields in Tindouf province (2000-km southwest of Algiers) have been revealed by exploration operations.
We hypothesized that a systematic analysis of tigecycline prescriptions in our country might help us understand the clinical outcomes of patients who were treated for indications other than cIAI and cSSSI.
Each entry includes a full description of the herb, its actions and pharmacology, clinical trials, indications and usage, contraindications, precautions and adverse reactions, drug interactions, dosage, and literature.
Local maxima of image brightness calculated using above mentioned threshold reflect all significant changes of signal (called indications).
Datamonitor says that of the 50 top-selling drug brands last year 84% have had additional indications approved since their initial launch in the United States, but it notes that regulatory changes in the U.S.
The European Union has reached an agreement with the United States and Australia on the deadline for Brussels to comply with a World Trade Organization ruling faulting the EU's system for the protection of geographical indications for foods and beverages.
THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) has released more details of its proposed global register of geographical indications for wines and spirits it wants agreed during the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) ongoing Doha Development Round.
As the aircraft passed through 17,000 feet, he neutralized the controls and began scanning for indications of a recovery.
* Detailed within is a NDT method that predicts the structural quality of a casting rather than simply scanning for indications of a defect.