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independent as a hog on ice

Unable to be controlled. The phrase was originally used in the sport of curling to describe the movement of the stones on the ice. I want to keep this meeting from happening, but it's independent as a hog on ice now, with so many people involved. I worry about my daughter's rebelliousness, but she's as independent as a hog on ice—there's no stopping her from doing what she wants to do.
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independent of

Excluding (something); without taking something into account. My contract was written independent of overtime—I got a higher base salary instead. I need you to make a decision independent of your personal feelings on this issue.
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Independents often start out with one set of skills, but quickly learn more as they adapt themselves to the projects that come in the door.
They hatched the eggs, bred those birds, and monitored whether satellites and independents produced offspring of the same ilk.
Deregulation of Europe's broadcasting sector may have opened new doors for work by independent producers, but those doors do not always stay ajar for independents.
Like Julie Dash, Alile Sharon Larkin attempts to address the power of the cultural apparatus of white Hollywood cinema, though in a different light, in her allegorical work A Different Image, produced while she was associated with the UCLA school of black independents. Informed by Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, pan-African cultural nationalism, and black oral vernacular forms, the film comments upon the inability of a black male subject to perceive the reality of a black female subject, "invisibilized" as a result of the hegemonic myths of black women as "sexual objects," which he has, unfortunately, embraced, Shot by cinematographer Charles Burnett, the film is distributed by J.
Kopper: I think there will be quite a huge effect, because a lot of the programming for the 200 cable television stations may come from independents. That's where a lot of independents already work, at or around these small stations - although I don't necessarily mean that they're independent-minded, just that they're not professionals and they work nonprofessionally.
Independent recyclers scream that they're being pushed out of business by prime resin companies' own recycle sales.
A business that claims a worker as an independent contractor rather than an employee is nearly always asking for trouble with the Internal Revenue Service.
Collectively, independents are said to make up 42% of the total retail pharmacy marketplace.
The current state of the parties at the council - which is controlled by a coalition of Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and East Cleveland and Eston Independents - is: Labour 22, Lib Dem 16, Conservative 13, East Cleveland Independent 3, Eston Independent 3, Marske Independent 1.
"Not all the captive carriers are as aggressive as others in their treatment of agents, but I still think they have a long way to go to make the playing field even with the independents," he said.
The Internal Revenue Service, which insists the guidelines are clear, says one in seven employers, either willfully or by mistake, misclassifies workers as independents. To make its point more emphatically, the IRS launched a high-priority campaign in 1988; it sent 750 revenue agents into the field to reclassify the workers and collect what it claims are taxes owed.
Independents report slightly higher net (Independents--before taxes)
At Travelers, a designated group of adjuster-inspectors monitors the work of independents, McMurtrie said.
Independents have been a continuous feature of the Dail since the foundation of the state and come in a dizzying array of shapes and guises.
Nine out of total 13 independents opted to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) during the recently concluded general elections.