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independent as a hog on ice

Unable to be controlled. The phrase was originally used in the sport of curling to describe the movement of the stones on the ice. I want to keep this meeting from happening, but it's independent as a hog on ice now, with so many people involved. I worry about my daughter's rebelliousness, but she's as independent as a hog on ice—there's no stopping her from doing what she wants to do.
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independent of

Excluding (something); without taking something into account. My contract was written independent of overtime—I got a higher base salary instead. I need you to make a decision independent of your personal feelings on this issue.
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independents operate at the cutting edge, experimenting with untried trends and acts.
plans to create a new holding company organization, made up of multiple brands of independent hotels and resorts, to provide the added resources independent properties need to compete effectively against global hotel chains, it was announced by Peter Cass, President and Chief Executive Officer of Preferred Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
On their own, many independents would not have the resources or time to develop a quality website and could risk losing their patient base.
Independent agents lack these powerful marketing tools, yet somehow they must make their brands known in their local areas if they want their businesses to thrive.
Because of laws passed by major-party controlled state legislatures, independents must collect 30 times as many signatures as Democrats and Republicans to run for president.
A growing group of IABC independents say they need a change, they want flexibility to spend more time with children, and they want the freedom to work on a variety of different projects.
Resin companies want to control recycling to destroy the independents in case some day there's money to be made in it" Resin companies interviewed for this article insist that they're not trying to put anyone out of business-it's just the economics of supply and demand.
A business that claims a worker as an independent contractor rather than an employee is nearly always asking for trouble with the Internal Revenue Service.
In addition to IRIS Distribution, Groove Mobile also provides music fans access to the content of leading independents such as V2, The Orchard, Beggars Group and DRA among others.
Not all the captive carriers are as aggressive as others in their treatment of agents, but I still think they have a long way to go to make the playing field even with the independents," he said.
Swelling gas prices make it virtually impossible for independents to supply fuel at their own stations.
At Travelers, a designated group of adjuster-inspectors monitors the work of independents, McMurtrie said.
Dennis Rice, president of marketing for October Films, which received two nominations this year for the feature film ``Hilary and Jackie'' and one for the documentary ``The Last Days,'' says the Weinsteins' Oscar success has helped other independents make inroads in Hollywood.