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incumbent (up)on (someone)

Imposed or expected as an obligation, duty, or requirement on someone. As the wealthier citizens of the country, it's my firm belief that it is incumbent upon us to contribute toward the welfare of those who are less fortunate. He felt it was incumbent on him to take over the responsibilities of his father's business.
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incumbent (upon someone) to do (something)

obligatory for someone to do something. It is incumbent upon me to inform you that you are up for review. It was incumbent on Mary to mail her application before June 1st.
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incumbent on

Also, incumbent upon. Imposed as an obligation or duty on, obligatory for. For example, He felt it was incumbent on us all to help the homeless. [Mid-1500s]
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The same was true for numerous judgeships, including the Lane County Circuit Court positions held by incumbents Charles Carlson, Mustafa Kasubhai, Charles Zennache and Clara Rigmaiden.
Traditionally, corporate spin-offs have been regarded as important mechanisms for industry incumbents to exploit opportunities that do not fit with their strategic direction.
(1) above, [KeyComm.sup.i] , is a dummy variable equal to 1 for incumbents who are members of either the Appropriations Committee (spending) or Ways and Means Committee (taxing), and 0 otherwise.
Partisan differences in support of incumbent re-election campaigns are striking.
VOTE = Incumbent party share of the two party-popular vote.
So far, we've discussed the experience of incumbents who ran against an opponent.
Further-more, partisan attachments powerfully shape political perceptions, beliefs and values, and incumbents enjoy advantages well beyond the way in which their districts are configured.
This came after he told a radio interview that aside from returning senators, who want to get back the committees they previously chaired, there are also incoming senators who want to get the chairmanships from incumbent senators.
Unofficial results showed incumbents Robin Cleek and Sonali Patil leading the pack with 1,151 and 899 votes, respectively.
Indeed, that danger is particularly acute when, as here, a change in the forms would confer benefits upon political incumbents. The department's suggestion of mootness is accordingly denied.
The relationship also exists if the incumbent is a national elective official, including incumbents in the partylist system, and the spouse or relatives within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity run for any position in the national level or in the local level as barangay captain, mayor, governor, or district representative in any part of the country.
Zimmerman argues that the incumbents' survival strategy directly shapes the nature of their relationship with the U.S.
Pakistani 'voters' never bring back the incumbents. That is a tradition that 'they' have religiously maintained all through the last 10 general elections held in this country since 1970 except the one held in 1977.
Incumbents for Kuala Kurau (Yunus Jamhari), Kuala Sepetang (Chua Yee Ling) and Simpang Pulai (Tan Kar Hing) will all defend their seats.
These readings are similar to voters' opinions just days before the 2014 midterm elections and remain among the worst for incumbents dating back to 1994.