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incumbent (up)on (someone)

Imposed or expected as an obligation, duty, or requirement on someone. As the wealthier citizens of the country, it's my firm belief that it is incumbent upon us to contribute toward the welfare of those who are less fortunate. He felt it was incumbent on him to take over the responsibilities of his father's business.
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incumbent (upon someone) to do (something)

obligatory for someone to do something. It is incumbent upon me to inform you that you are up for review. It was incumbent on Mary to mail her application before June 1st.
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incumbent on

Also, incumbent upon. Imposed as an obligation or duty on, obligatory for. For example, He felt it was incumbent on us all to help the homeless. [Mid-1500s]
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In the Second Circuit, incumbent Democrat William N.
In the Ninth Circuit, incumbent Democrat Lawson Ledran Lamar faces primary opposition from Jeff Ashton and Ryan Williams.
And in the Antelope Valley's Wilsona School District it was a close race early on, where incumbents Maurice Kunkel and Sharon Toyne held narrow leads over five challengers for two seats.
In early returns, Antelope Valley Community College District incumbents Jack Seefus and Earl Wilson were leading two challengers.
Elections that feature a sitting president tend to be referendums on the incumbent--and in recent elections, the incumbent has either won or lost by large electoral margins.
In the last 25 years, there have been four elections which pitted an incumbent against a challenger--1980, 1984, 1992, and 1996.
Position 3: incumbent Delana Hansen (two-year unexpired term)
Flores recognizes the need for some type of objection process but said incumbents have abused it by filing frivolous challenges to wear down opponents.
7) As well, a maximum of 3 incumbents (the largest 3) were analyzed for reach entry event.
Dummy variables were included for each party for each year in order to assess the influence of partisan tides and swings in feeling toward or away from incumbents.
But challengers are usually less well known than incumbents, and this additional uncertainty gives incumbents an advantage.
Library Board of Trustees Co two, three-year terms; incumbent Erica Brennan and newcomers Alicia Emsley and Edward Tatten took out papers;
A hotly contested race will occur in Wilsona School District, where incumbents Maurice Kunkel and Sharon Toyne will face five challengers: business owner Maria Elena Golan, homemaker Cynthia Hamill, homemaker Charlene Lehman, community volunteer Starsea Mendelson and facilities maintenance mechanic John Talbott.
All but Young, a county court judge, are incumbents.
For example, between 1946 and 1988 experienced challengers, defined as those who had previously held elected office, beat incumbents 17.