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All Star Mr & Mrs sees an array of celebrity couples aiming to prove they are a match made in heaven, but their body language and well-thought-out answers often give a different, rather humorous, take on things.
In her text she attempts a fictional account of what may have transpired in heaven prior to the fall of man as described in Genesis.
Dave Jones and Cardiff City are 'a match made in heaven' according to the player whose career he changed beyond recognition - Chris Marsden.
The Spencer's: Diana's Dynasty (C4)It appeared to be a marriage made in heaven.
The issue is now primarily the poet's plight, for he is the only one who is not fully able to "[se] delecter," to fully enjoy the miracle that the arrival of this "ceuvre esmerveillable" provoked, in heaven and on earth.
That which He unites ("lie") on earth, is united in heaven; that which it separates ("delie") is separated there.