in (one's) dreams

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in (one's) dreams

A derisive phrase said in response to something that is far-fetched or unlikely to happen. You think you can get a date with the head cheerleader? Yeah, in your dreams! Matt is only getting a promotion in his dreams. I'm much more qualified for the job than he is.
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in your dreams!

COMMON People say In your dreams! to say that what someone wants is never going to happen or be true. Stephanie in love with you? In your dreams! He seems to think he is the next great comedian. In your dreams, lad.

in your dreams

used to assert that something much desired is not likely ever to happen.
2002 New Yorker Before falling asleep, I try to imagine myself as…a savvy entrepreneur with her own catering business. In your dreams, as they say.
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in your ˈdreams

(spoken) used to tell somebody that something they are hoping for is not likely to happen: ‘I’ll be a manager before I’m 30.’ ‘In your dreams.’
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Thomas Disch underlies his wryly witty observations with poet Delmore Schwartz's resonant title from 1938, In Dreams Begin Responsibilities.
Many of the more elaborate UFO encounters occurred in dreams mistakenly recalled as actual events, he says.