if the shoe fits

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if the shoe fits(, wear it)

If something (typically negative) applies to one, one should acknowledge it or accept responsibility or blame for it. I know you don't like being called unreliable, but if the shoes fits, wear it. A: "Why do teachers always treat me like some kind of troublemaker?" B: "If the shoe fits...."
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If the shoe fits(, wear it).

Prov. An unflattering remark applies to you, so you should accept it. (Slightly rude.) Fred: Hey, Jill, how's your love life? Jill: I don't like busy-bodies, Fred. Fred: Are you calling me a busybody? Jane: If the shoe fits, wear it. Ellen: The professor told me I don't write well! Bill: If the shoe fits, Ellen.
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if the shoe fits

You say if the shoe fits when you are telling someone that unpleasant remarks which have been made about them are probably true or fair. `She said something about me being in a bad mood,' — `Well, if the shoe fits.' Note: The usual British expression is if the cap fits.
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