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eat the bread of idleness

To eat food that one has not personally earned. The phrase originated in the Bible. I refuse to eat the bread of idleness.
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Idleness is the root of all evil.

Prov. If you have no useful work to do, you will think of harmful things to do in order to amuse yourself. (Compare this with Money is the root of all evil.) Child: Why do you make me do so many chores? Father: Idleness is the root of all evil.
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eat the bread of idleness

eat food that you have not worked for. literary
This phrase appears in the description of the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31:27: ‘She…eateth not the bread of idleness’.
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05) among treatments for locomotion (LOC), rumination while resting (RUML), rumination while standing (RUMS), idleness while resting (IL) and other activities (OA).
Such an apprentice-oriented approach in Dekker's play and others from the Henslowe repertory is juxtaposed with several of Shakespeare's more equivocal and complicated representations of labor and idleness in works such as the Henriad (especially noteworthy are clever readings of some of the lines of Prince Hal/Henry V), Julius Caesar, and Hamlet.
Although Hogarth's satire presents an exaggerated view of the rewards and punishments meted out to apprentices, strict rules existed and apprentices could be discarded for idleness and misdemeanours.
I am always strongly aware of that other less-obvious stressor, idleness.
Idleness is the devil's pillow, and idle hands the devil's work--to add the more familiar cognate proverb--only when idleness is misunderstood.
In Impatient Poverty the protagonist is given a new garment when he agrees to live according to Peace's precepts, and in Wit and Science Wit is given Ingnorancy's coat to wear after he has fallen into Idleness.
Despair is a thing of time, a commodity of idleness or wealth.
In trying to set an example to my two grandsons, do I advocate a life of unproductive idleness or exhort them to work their fingers to the bone?
Describing at length classical attitudes that esteemed virtues thought to be inspired by poverty, such as industry, honesty, frugality, and temperance, and condemned flaws associated with wealth, such as idleness, injustice, arrogance, The Greek Praise Of Poverty casts new light on ancient perspectives.
The even mead, that erst brought sweetly forth The freckled cowslip, burnet, and green clover, Wanting the scythe, all uncorrected, rank, Conceives by idleness, and nothing teems But hateful docks, rough thistles, kecksies, burs, Losing both beauty and utility.
A welcome addition to family, school and community library collections, How Mother Nature Flowered The Fields Of Earth And Mars by Tom Schwartz is the fun and creative tale of the Supreme Queen Bee Bluefire and her decision to quit working for the almighty mother nature and instead, just have fun and relaxing idleness.
Part I demonstrates that although there were important regional variations among men and women in Italy as workers, family members and potential migrants, women were not "passive dependents, or 'housewives,' waiting in idleness for remittances sent by emigrated men.
He had such a zest for life, death meant nothing but idleness, and to him, there was no afterworld, death was death.
Soldiers stationed at Fort Stanton have rounded up as many of the Apaches as they can find and have placed them on a reservation, where idleness and destruction of their traditional way of life have dispirited them.