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An abbreviation for "in my opinion," a phrase used to express one's viewpoint or beliefs on some topic. IMO you shouldn't pay that much for a cleaning service.


1. An abbreviation for "in my humble opinion," used to present one's viewpoint or beliefs with an awareness or cautiousness that the listener might disagree or be offended. IMHO that paint color doesn't work for the room, but then again, green isn't my favorite color.
2. An abbreviation for "in my honest opinion," used to present one's true and/or unfiltered beliefs. The use of this abbreviation to indicate this meaning (as opposed to the traditional meaning found in Definition 1) likely arose due to the prevalence of other abbreviations in which "H" stands for "honest" (e.g. "TBH," meaning "to be honest"). That green paint color doesn't work in that room IMHO. What about a nice gray?


interj. in my (humble) opinion. (see also IYHO.) She is the person to choose, IMO.


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The IMO needs to have an interview process that focuses on potential compliance and market conduct issues as a function of the agent's market, sales approach, experience, education and training.
The Ballast Water Management section includes information on the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments, which was adopted in February 2004, as well as information in seven languages on other IMO guidelines covering this subject.
The IMO core team, consisting of medical doctors, software developers, and engineers, is based in Chicago with branches in California and England.
The IMO will primarily take over the management and operations of the trading functions of the electricity spot market; while governance shall be left with PEMC.
He added that all developments in world shipping must be carefully followed so that the IMO can respond accordingly.
He said that Bahrain has always endeavored to support the IMO in all of its initiatives to raise global safety and environmental standards.
GOP is fully committed to co-operating and supporting all initiatives and recommendations made by the IMO," GOP director-general Hassan Ali Al Majed said.
If you're already with an IMO and the relationship is not what you hoped for, talk to them about it.
It claims the IMO co-ordinated the behaviour of its GP members and had the effect of preventing, restricting or distorting competition in the market for medical information and in the life insurance sector.
THE SECRETARY General of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has asked in a face-to-face meeting that new European Union (EU) fisheries and maritime affairs Commissoner Joe Borg secure widespread EU ratification of two IMO safety conventions.
The positive therapeutic effects seen in the mouse model of experimentally induced asthma further support the potential of Hybridon's IMO compounds for use in treatment of this chronic illness," said Dr.
The acquisition will see the firm take over the IMO Car Wash Group from a team of financial investors, led by Bridgepoint and Phoenix Equity Partners.
PEMC) transition team and set the timeline on when the IMO will be implemented.
Essentially, under the IMO Transition Plan, the independent operator entity will be incorporated as non-profit entity, but there is no prohibition for the IMO if it will eventually shift into a "for-profit" stature, depending also on the oversight that the restructured Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC) will exercise over the spot market.
International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council elections were held during the 30th Session of the IMO Assembly in London on 1 December 2017.