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interj. in my (humble) opinion. (see also IYHO.) She is the person to choose, IMO.
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The IMHO submitted 550 proposals to the bank and 270 deals were struck.
After 18 months of tireless efforts to build a great catalog of premium content and a player that meets today's social demands of users, we are proud of our initial technology launch," says IMHO CEO Don Ienner (who previously served as Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Label Group and Columbia Records).
IMHO, HTV are potless and their staff need protecting with a cosy, safe merger with S4C.
Gauge the e-mail experience of whomever you're communicating with in considering whether to use acronyms such as IMHO, which is short for "in my humble opinion," and "emoticons" such as <g>, which is short for "grin" and signals you're trying to be friendly or tell a joke.
So tomorrow night I will make the Herculean effort of plodding though the remaining 4 versions--which, in IMHO compared to this version, are simply "variations on a theme.
These wins include Ant Farm Interactive, Friendster, I-level, IMHO Scandinavia, and Luxury Link.
IMHO adds "humble," but people who use that frequently aren't.
The IMHO is now dealing with 2,000 clients of AIB or its building society EBS, as well as 360 KBC customers.
One thing: Conservative is not the way to go up in Murrayfield IMHO.
Similarly, e-mailers often use acronyms such as IMHO, short for "in my humble opinion," and "emoticons" such as <g>, short for "grin.
After "inventing" bluegrass -- IMHO, updating and standardizing an age old Appalachian Scots/Irish folk tradition -- he dominated WSM's "Grand Ole Opry," becoming, along with Roy Acuff and Fred Rose, the arbiter of the politically correct and incorrect in bluegrass and eventually all of country music.
People writing online often use conversational acronyms such as IMHO (in my humble opinion) and "emoticons" such as :-)--a symbol representing a smiling face, that signals you're telling a joke or trying to be friendly.