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interj. in my (humble) opinion. (see also IYHO.) She is the person to choose, IMO.
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The interest, IMHO, reflects a still largely unspoken discontent with motive power in terms of "social responsibility.
AFTK away from the keyboard BRB be right back LOL laughing out loud ROTF rolling on the floor (laughing) ROTFLMAO rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off IMHO in my humble opinion IMNSHO in my not-so-humble opinion RTW by the way GMTA great minds think alike F2F face-to-face TTFN ta-ta for now :-) I'm smiling :-( I'm frowning ;-) I'm winking :-X My lips are sealed :-D I'm laughing :-* I'm giving you a kiss :-P I'm sticking my tongue out :-I I'm bored
JuggerNET is the best out there right now IMHO (in my humble opinion).
Apparently mutually agreed upon structures do exist in the texting world although, IMHO, I think I've missed that boat.
She approached it in a workmanlike manner, but IMHO did not rise to the occasion.
IMHO, in real life, there are two sorts of active managers.
IMHO, listing markets with results for only a couple of competitors doesn't show credibility for comparison.
Gauge the e-mail experience of whomever you're communicating with in considering whether to use acronyms such as IMHO, which is short for "in my humble opinion," and "emoticons" such as <g>, which is short for "grin" and signals you're trying to be friendly or tell a joke.
So tomorrow night I will make the Herculean effort of plodding though the remaining 4 versions--which, in IMHO compared to this version, are simply "variations on a theme.
IMHO adds "humble," but people who use that frequently aren't.
IMHO it's a well executed painting, the Queen does actually have a large bosom, usually hidden by her well designed clothing.
And IMHO that design is fine, much better than the new college buildings on Chapel Hill and the university monstrosity on Firth Street.
An overnight in Sharjah would be well worthwhile, IMHO, for many people - particularly the many living in Dubai who've never bothered going next door.
Similarly, e-mailers often use acronyms such as IMHO, short for "in my humble opinion," and "emoticons" such as <g>, short for "grin.
After "inventing" bluegrass -- IMHO, updating and standardizing an age old Appalachian Scots/Irish folk tradition -- he dominated WSM's "Grand Ole Opry," becoming, along with Roy Acuff and Fred Rose, the arbiter of the politically correct and incorrect in bluegrass and eventually all of country music.