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n. IBM, International Business Machines stock shares. (see also big blue.) How much beam do you own?
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HP14 by 117 pound I-beams were used as walers, hauled into the excavation and held in place horizontally by the excavator while a welder tacked them to the vertical beams in the caissons.
The company's primary products arc stadium grandstands with a steel I-beam structure, alum-a-stands or bleacher seating constructed entirely of aluminum, and press boxes.
Five-inch I-beams were welded into place to mirror the shape of the existing top platform.
Included in the repair methods are carbon fiber wall straps known as The Reinforcer, The Force Bracket, steel I-beams, and helical piers for sinking and settling foundations.
With a facade that resembles exposed structural steel, including massive I-beams that contribute to the building's imposing profile, One Liberty is among Lower Manhattan's largest office towers.
The Junction City plant supplied Weyerhaeuser plants in Eugene and Stayton with dried veneer products that were then turned into I-beams and joists, Miller said.
The recent introduction of a range of composite solid timber sections and I-Beams from the US and Europe is reflected in chapters on thin web beams and structural composite lumber.
There were 10 pre-stressed concrete I-beams to break, 66 inches high and 28 inches wide.
For Untitled, 1985, Le Credac roped off a room in which two steel I-beams were precariously balanced on a single bare lightbulb (the sculptural equivalent of a heavy-metal oxymoron like Iron Butterfly or Led Zeppelin).
Lighting, scenery and a proscenium can be suspended from steel I-beams at any point in the room.
The structural welds at the bottom were the biggest I-beams I've ever seen,'' Coronel said.
Their design consisted of five laminated veneer lumber (LVL) I-beams with top flanges of 2-by 12-inch CCA-treated southern yellow pine (SYP) that formed a continuous "subdeck" supporting a transverse deck of 2- by 8-inch SYP with ship-lap joints screwed together and into the compressive flange of the I-beam supports.
A powerful mobile shear, some with more than 1,800 tons of cutting force, can easily snap metal pipes in half or cut up large steel wheels from trucks, as well as I-beams.
Huntsman Polyurethanes has introduced Linestar engineered lumber adhesive (ELA) systems to the engineered-wood industry for I-beams, finger-jointed lumber, and laminated veneer lumber (LVL).
Other opportunities for thin-wall steel castings include one-piece frames, steering and suspension parts, and continuously cast I-beams for truck frames.