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n. IBM, International Business Machines stock shares. (see also big blue.) How much beam do you own?
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In the numerical simulation, an HEB 300 I-beam crane girder with a span of 10 m and capacity of 10 t was used.
In this section, a closed form solution of the simply supported horizontally composite curved I-beam is obtained.
The bolt shear connectors and epoxy were used to resist the horizontal shear flow at the interface between the HFRP I-beam and the UHPFRC slab.
Daytime occupation of bats in 100% of timber bridges and 60% of I-beam bridges is noteworthy because several other studies in the United States report relatively low occupancy of bats in bridges, including 8% of bridges in southern Mississippi (Trousdale and Beckett, 2002) and 6.
Goldman said a hit-and-run crash at the bridge compromised the I-beam.
The version practiced in the United States today involves placement of a live evergreen tree and an American flag on an I-beam to celebrate completion of the infrastructure and bestow good luck upon the building and those who inhabit and utilize it.
The incident could have been worse had a Marine been between that I-beam and the jet.
It consists of a pair of C-section pieces welded back-to-back at their perimeter to produce an I-beam cross-section.
An iFRAME Column, a strong I-beam that gets bolted vertically to the floor every two feet, forms the backbone of the system.
A truly non-shreddable object would be something like an 8-inch to 12-inch I-beam--although our large machine actually processed a 12-inch I-beam recently," Ward says of SSI's Pri-Max line.
The showroom's high ceilings have inspired the importer to display its rugs like banners from a steel I-beam structure that is 35 feet square and 17 feet high.
Most of this was softwood LVL and it was due to the decline in I-beam production.
Utah is one of seven medical centers evaluating the Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib, a narrow, titanium I-beam with attachments that grab onto the top and bottom of the child's ribs to allow for straighter spinal growth.
We may take a bent I-beam out of there, but if you grind it up you can make a new one," says Dick Malone.
I-BEAM is designed to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art guidance for managing IAQ in commercial buildings.