I spoke too soon

(I) spoke too soon

Something that I said has been negated or contradicted (often swiftly). A: "Who's screaming at each other upstairs?" B: "Well, I thought we'd get through a normal family dinner, but I guess I spoke too soon!" Aw man, spoke too soon—here comes the rain now. A: "I thought you were going to bed." B: "Yeah, well, I spoke too soon. The hospital just paged me."
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I spoke too soon.

1. Fig. I am wrong.; I spoke before I knew the facts. Bill: I know I said I would, but I spoke too soon. Sue: I thought so. John: You said that everything would be all right. Jane: I spoke too soon. That was before I learned that you had been arrested.
2. Fig. What I had said was just now contradicted. Bob: It's beginning to brighten up. I guess it won't rain after all. John: I'm glad to hear that. Bob: Whoops! I spoke too soon. I just felt a raindrop on my cheek. Bill: Thank heavens! Here's John now. Bob: No, that's Fred. Bill: I spoke too soon. He sure looked like John.
See also: soon, spoke
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